Top Ten Posts of 2019

I don’t know about you, but this past month has been a virtual whirlwind!

Ours began way back in November with a week-long visit to our oldest daughter’s home for Thanksgiving.  This was followed immediately (due to the lateness of Thanksgiving this year) by said-family’s visit to our home for Christmas. Then, of course, there were the parties, ornament exchanges, observance of traditions, and more family visits – all wrapping up just this past Sunday.

As I slowly shift back into gear here at the start of a brand-new year, I thought it would be a good time to review the top ten posts of 2019.


9 Creative Ways to Engage the Scripture

Engaging the Scripture is a process – one that requires us to dig in and do some work. But let’s be honest, sometimes the thought of the work required gets in the way of our actually DOING the work.

This post, written in celebration of the release of Engaging the Scripture: Encountering God in the Pages of His Word, explores nine creative ways for DOING the work.

A little creativity can energize us in the routine, the mechanical, and dull.

Available at


5 Tips for Praying for Your Grandchildren

So many, many things can be said about PRAYER.

Prayer is a great connector — connecting us to our grandchildren and to God Himself. It’s the most precious gift we can give to our grandchildren, and it serves as our greatest weapon in the spiritual warfare raging all around.

Read this post to discover five practical tips for stepping up your prayer life.


Practicing God-centered Affirmation: A Grandparent’s Guide (Part 1)

The fine art of practicing God-centered affirmations — all of our relationships would benefit by its mastery.

In this post written to grandparents but applicable to all, discover just what God-centered affirmations are, why they are important, and how to extend them. Also included is a beneficial list of some of the characteristics of good affirmations.


7 Practical Ideas for Praying When Days are Busy

We are a busy people. Most days our feet hit the floor running, and we continue in that mode until our head hits the pillow at night. Some days we feel accomplished. Other days, exhausted.

Visit this post to explore seven very practical ways to engage in prayer, even on the busiest of days. (Tips #3 and #4 tend to elicit numerous “aha’s.”)


No Time to Pray? 4 Strategies for Intentional Prayer Time

Not quite through half the list of top ten posts, and here is the third one on PRAYER. Is anyone else picking up on a theme for the year?

Let’s admit it. Even with our knowledge that prayer is power, we struggle, and one of our biggest struggles is making the time to pray.

Click on over to discover four practical suggestions for overcoming the “time to pray” struggle.


14 Apps for Engaging the Scripture

Another post written in celebration of the release of Engaging the Scripture, this one shares 14 apps for reading, memorizing, and praying Scripture. (Most of the apps listed are FREE to download and use.)

Engaging the Scripture is a relational process that requires work on our part. Work that can, at times, be made easier and more effective with the use of the right tools.


10-Minute Journaling Ideas

How do we reap the many benefits of journaling when our schedules are full and our time in short supply?

We adjust. Take a look at this popular post from 2019 that shares 10 ideas for adjusting our process and our expectations.


5 Ways to be Present to Your Adult Children

We grandparents have a reputation — one for being completely smitten by our grandchildren.

But we must never lose sight of the fact that God’s command is a multi-generational one.

We are to make disciples of our children AND our grandchildren.

Read this post to learn five ways of being present to your adult children.


10 Helps for Loving Your Husband Well

Have you drifted from that place of INTENTIONAL love? That place of WANTING to love your husband well, INTENDING to love your husband well, BUT without meaning to, ALLOWING other things to use up your time and drain your energy?

The #2 post on our list includes resources for loving with intention. Resources include: Random Acts of Kindness to Surprise Your Husband, How to Love Your Spouse Well, 50+ Things to Do Together, and more.


The 30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents

Seven hundred and climbing. That’s the number of grandparents that have joined our private Facebook Group and committed themselves to 30 consecutive days of prayer of behalf of their grandchildren.

It’s not too late. There’s still time to join us. Simply click the link to request to join the group where 30 Scripture-based prayer prompts will be posted daily.

Additional Prayer Challenge Resources

30-Day Prayer Challenge Booklet (PDF download) – Suggestions, ideas, and other helps for getting more from the Challenge. Also includes a complete list of the 30 Scripture-based prayer prompts.

30-Day Prayer Challenge Journal (PDF download) – A place to record your Prayer Challenge journey – thoughts, reflections, prayers, etc.

For more information on the 30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents read the #1 post HERE.


Who am I? My Identity in Christ

Posted on July 14, 2016, and reposted as part of the 2018 Summer Series, this post continues to be the all-time #1 post on our site.

Additionally, the image from the post is the most viewed, downloaded, and requested on our Pinterest account. See this and others on our Identity in Christ Pinterest Board.

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