10 Helps for Loving Your Husband Well

Life can get crazy can’t it? Doesn’t matter our season or our circumstance: newly married, young mom, mom of teens, employed full-time outside the home, or empty-nester; we all have things pulling at us constantly.

And this is our struggle.

We WANT to love our husband well. We INTEND to love our husbands well. BUT… when we stop and look around, we realize that we’ve allowed all those OTHER THINGS to use up our time and drain our energy. We’ve drifted from that place of INTENTIONAL love.

Valentine’s Day seems an appropriate time to BEGIN AGAIN.

Below are 10 resources to get us started. Keeping in mind our struggle with schedules, obligations, and calendars, the selection includes “easy-to-implement,” “doable” ideas. (Seriously, we don’t have time to dig through tons of material to make this happen!)

10 Resources for Loving Your Husband Well

  1. Random Acts of Kindness to Surprise Your Husband

A simple, one-page list of 35 ways to show kindness to your husband. The list was put together by my blogging friend, Crystal Storms. You can read her complete blog post HERE.

2. How to Love Your Spouse Well

Kaylene Yoder’s blog post shares 14 biblical principles for loving our spouse well.

3. 50+ Things to Do Together

Download this PDF list which was shared as part of last week’s blog post, 50+ Things to Do Together at Valentines or Anytime .

4. 54 Bucket List Things to Do as a Couple

A fun, one-page list of “doable” things. Print it out and see how long it takes the two of you to complete all 54 items.

5. The [Mini] Love Map Game

Honestly, all you really need to play this game is the link above. The directions and the questions are all right there. But if you want to read more about it, be sure to visit the [mini] game’s creator at #StayMarried.

6. 50 Ideas to Try If—

This one holds five resources in one! Each of these lists is based on The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and was put together by Mrs. Lo Tanner. You can read more about each one on her site.

Identify your husband’s love language and pull up the corresponding list of 50 ideas. It also doesn’t hurt to skim the other lists for additional ideas. (Each link will take you directly to the simple “Pinterest” list.)

His Love Language is Quality Time

His Love Language is Acts of Service

His Love Language is Physical Touch

His Love Language is Gifts

His Love Language is Words of Affirmation

7. 25 Love Letter Prompts

Love your husband well by writing him a love letter from time to time. I know, I know. Letter writing can be a time and energy drainer. After all, they take so much thought! But with this list from Brittany Putman at Grace Love Life the task is much easier.

8. Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Okay. This one just looks FUN! Access the Scavenger Hunt list as the link above, or read Angela’s post retelling her experience with the hunt (and sharing photos!) at the Mango Memoirs.

9. 25 Tips I Want to Share with Younger Wives

A detailed list full of fresh ideas and great reminders.  Well worth reading, no matter how long you’ve been married.  By Lisa Jacobson at Club 31 Women.

10. Marriage Strengtheners Pinterest Board

The first nine resources on the list were mostly simple lists in download or blog post format. This one will take a little more time. If you have the energy or inclination to search out more ideas for Loving Your Husband Well, there are tons of great pins on this board. Happy Pinning!


A brand-new resource:

Just for Wives is a FREE, downloadable resource packed with a variety of ideas for Loving Your Husband Well.  

Download a copy HERE and have 9 resources in one place and at your fingertips.

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