Reading the Bible for Meaning: The Struggle is Real

Daughters Who Love and Obey

Your attendance at church on Sunday morning is never in question. You teach Sunday School, work in the nursery, and/or serve on the welcoming committee. Small group and ladies’ ministry are part of your regular schedule. A daughter of The King, you love others and bring glory to Him through your many acts of service to which your weekly calendar can attest.

As His child, you also know the extreme importance of reading the Bible. For it is during this time alone with Him in the pages of His Word that your soul is nourished and your relationship with Him grows deeper and more intimate.


Yes, we know that reading the Bible is important, but there are:

Infants who don’t sleep.

Toddlers who don’t stop.

Tweens who are trying to separate themselves from us while simultaneously sticking like Crazy Glue.

Full-time jobs.

Household chores.

Children who are e-learning.

Marriages to tend.

Sunday School lessons to prepare.

Empty nests to be navigated.

…and so much more!

While there is no doubt we are daughters of The King and know the importance of reading our Bible, the truth is we struggle with how to make it happen on a consistent basis.

Bible Reading Struggles


For most of us, time is an issue. With schedules filled with family, school, work, church, and other life obligations, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day. (Did you know? Ten to fifteen years ago it was predicted that because of technology, we would now be living in a culture with more time for leisure!!)


When it comes to Bible reading, many of us struggle the WHY. In other words, we are not clear on our purpose for reading. Perhaps we have come to see reading the Bible as something to check off our to-do list. Maybe we view it as a chore, one more thing added to the day’s already packed agenda. Or quite possibly, we’ve gotten to the point where we read the Bible as a set of rules rather than as His loving Word to us.

Feeling Ill-Equipped

While time and purpose are the struggles of some, others of us battle feelings of being ill-equipped for the job. With not one clue where to begin, we simply are not sure HOW to read or study the Bible on our own.

A more common struggle than one might think, let’s consider some possible reasons behind it: 

  • Our culture’s pace. With our go-go-go lifestyles, we rarely even have the time to attend an organized, led by someone else type of Bible study, let alone sit down to study or read it alone.
  • Advancements in technology. We live in an age with easier access to the Bible than ever before. However, it’s also an age where we are not required to do much, if any, of the “reading” work for ourselves.


Distractions affect each of us. Knowing the importance of Bible reading, we make the time and determine the place. Then sitting with purpose and a plan for digging into the Scripture, we are immediately bombarded by every distraction imaginable. Feeling like a failure, we give up and walk away.

Rethinking Our Approach

No, dear daughter of The King, your need isn’t one of being convinced that reading the Bible is important. It is much more likely that what you need is motivation and some practical tips, and that is exactly what you will find in our upcoming Facebook Group, Engaging the Scripture.

This 6-week online group was developed for those who know the need and the reality of the struggles. Participants in the Engaging the Scripture group will discover practical methods and helpful tips for reading the Bible with purpose and intent. Additionally, group members will be motivated as in community they receive encouragement and accountability for the journey.

The Engaging the Scripture Facebook group will begin on Monday, September 21, 2020 with new “lessons/techniques” being posted each Monday of the session. The cost for participating in the group is $10.00 and includes a PDF workbook.

If you would like to be a part of this “engaging” group where you can join with others to receive encouragement and accountability as you discover deeper ways of reading the Bible, click HERE.

When you make your payment, please be sure to include your email address and Facebook “name,” so that we can get you into the group.

I hope you will join us as together we rethink our Bible reading strategy to outwit busy schedules, alter our purpose in Bible reading, and overcome the paralysis of feeling ill-equipped or being easily distracted. 

Engaging the Scripture Online Group

Engaging the Scripture  Online Group (Group begins Monday, September 21, 2020)
A 6-week “journey” in digging deeper into the Word of God. Together, the group will work through the booklet which is included. (The group will meet via a private Facebook group. Please include your email address and Facebook “name” with payment so we can get you in the group.)

Click HERE to purchase the online group experience. (Begins 9-21-2020 and includes the booklet.)

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  1. I love your heart for bible study and for pointing others to dig into the Scriptures for themselves. This is so much my own heart too, as I got saved from my atheistic mindset in my early 20s by getting in the Word. So I know the power of it in a life for sure! I even offer a free pfd for a simple Bible study method on my site. I am so glad i found you through link up and will follow your blog! <3

    • Praise the Lord for your testimony of salvation and the power of His Word. I’m so glad you stopped by and took the time to share your heart. What a blessing to those who read it. And I’m excited to meet you. I’ll be visiting your site soon and will definitely follow!

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