Praise and Worship

Adorer of words, admirer of a well-crafted phrase. That’s me! Seriously, just the right word or phrase placed in just the right spot, and I must stop to savor it.

Perhaps that is why I’m prone to noticing how our culture has come to undervalue and overuse many of the words in our language.

Undervalued, Overused Words

Consider, for instance, the word “love.” Most dictionary definitions for the word speak to a feeling between people. And those definitions that pertain to “love” for an object include strong descriptors such as devotion, attachment, and admiration. Yet we hear the word used to describe our feelings for everything from a car to a pizza.

Simply stated, we’ve lost the impact of the meaning of many of the words in our vocabulary.

Another Example

When we read Hebrews 12:28, do we understand the impact of the word “awe?”

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, 

We don’t think much about that word. But look again at Hebrews 12:28. Our worship is to be fueled by reverence and awe. How can our worship be fueled with something we haven’t thought about or experienced?

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And while we are thinking a little more deeply about the meaning of words, what exactly does it mean to offer worship to God? Is it the lifting of my voice together with other believers in song on Sunday morning? Singing along with Christian radio or a playlist loaded with praise and worship songs? Is it the lifting of my hands or the bowing of my head?

A New Resource

These questions along with the prompting of the Holy Spirit have led me to develop an exciting new resource — Just for Praise and Worship: Resources for Responding to God with Our Entire Being.

This new 48-page booklet is so much more than simply a collection of resources and materials for aiding in worship. The 10 Scripture-based exercises within its pages invite us to sit with God, engage with the Bible, and behold who He is.

Through studies of His names, His attributes, our identity in Him, and others, we are prompted to turn our gaze toward God — helping us to grow in wonder and regain our awe.

Sample Page

There are currently two options available for purchase of this resource – Just for Praise and Worship.

Just for Praise & Worship Booklet Only
Perfect for individual use, small groups, or group studies. Work at your own pace.

Available through Gumroad.
$5.00 (Introductory Price)

Click HERE to purchase the Just for Praise and Worship booklet only.

Just for Praise & Worship Online Group (Group begins Monday, February 3, 2020)
A 10-week “journey” in growing in response to God. Together, the group will work through the booklet which is included. (The group will meet via a private Facebook group. Please include your email address and Facebook “name” with payment so we can get you in the group.)
$10.00 (Introductory Price)

Click HERE to purchase the online group experience. (Begins 2-3-2020 and includes the booklet.)

4 comments on “Praise and Worship

  1. What a great resource, Deborah!

    Pinned & tweeted.

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  2. May this resource help turn the attention of worshippers to God, the only One who is worthy of our praise and worship. Many blessings to you!

  3. To honor and praise and love and stand in awe…all of these words have lost meaning, YET…when we stand in His Presence with our hearts wide open, the meanings are so vivid and beautiful. Our connection with the One Who is these “things” makes the words take on new meanings for me (or remind me of the true meanings)! Thanks for reminding me of how much I love words too.

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