More Time Spent in the Weeds – A Reflection

Back a few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about having to get weeds out of our fire pit.  You all are going to think that weeding is all I do, as I am returning to the same idea this week.

In early August, Debbie and I went out west for a two-week vacation. I had our yard looking pretty good (for me, not for you fantastic gardeners out there) when we left. Being gone two weeks had quite an effect on our yard.  When we returned, naturally the grass was higher than normal.  Many of the areas that I had cleared out were again overrun with weeds.

Once again, I’ve been spending a lot of time out in the yard, cleaning up weeds.  Next year I’m going to hire a company to come and spray my yard rather than trying to do that myself!


Admittedly, I have some difficulty figuring out what are truly weeds and what aren’t.  One of the issues I have is that I have been diagnosed as colorblind.  So, I have trouble seeing the colors of the flowers that come up.  Sometimes I need to ask Debbie to come out and check.

One of the weeds that is prevalent in our yard is the wild violet.  At first, I thought this was a pretty, little flower growing in our flower beds.  I’ve since discovered this is an invasive, perennial weed.  It grows in clumps and has a bulb.  If you don’t get the entire plant out, it will come back and spread quickly.


Back in the weeds, once again, I started thinking.  How many times have we been fooled by Satan mimicking what God has to offer?  In Luke 4 we read how Satan challenged Christ by offering Him the whole world – something already given to Him by the Father. 

Satan attempts to provide things that look good to us, both at a distance and close-up.  If we’re not careful, these things can spread quickly in our lives and overtake us.  Jesus talked about good seed, weeds and tares many times in His parables.  Matthew 13 contains a couple of examples of the many times Jesus talked about planting, reaping, and harvesting.

Weeds can sneak into our yards by mimicking flowers. Satan can sneak into our lives by mimicking what God offers.


We can easily be fooled if we listen to what this world has to offer. 

By being in God’s Word and learning we can protect ourselves.  Additionally, having those around us that can hold us accountable and of whom we can ask questions will help these “wild violets” from taking root in our life.

By not getting an understanding of what was growing in our yard, I allowed a weed to take root.  For the sake of my family and loved ones, I don’t want this to happen in my life.