One of the most effective ways to care for your soul is journaling. Another is friends for the journey. Why not schedule some special “friend” time and take this journey of journaling for spiritual growth together?

Don’t we all wish we could choose which frame was chosen for the still? (lol)

Teaching Video – The Importance of Nourishing the Soul through Breathing (includes a brief discussion about our “critical line”)
Journaling Method Video – Taking a Soul Check-up
Teaching Video – Defining and Nourishing the Soul
Journaling Method Video – Gratitude A-Z Journaling
Teaching Video – A Biblical Perspective on Intercessory Prayer and The Powerful Tool of Journaling in the Process
Journaling Method Video – Praying in Color
Teaching Video – The Power of Scripture to Change Lives and Help Us “Hear” God’s Voice
Journaling Method Video – Biographical Journaling (includes 2 different approaches)
Teaching Video – Identifying and Eliminating Distractions as We Practice Journaling for the Soul
Journaling Method Video – Love Letter to God