Prayer Prompts: 65 Scripture Prayers for Your Husband

Pray more intently and specifically for your husband with these 65 prayer prompts taken directly from Scripture.

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Weekly Prayer Prompts for Grandchildren

Fifty-two prayer prompts for grandparents whose hearts long to intercede on behalf of their grandchildren.

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Just for Parents: Resources for Prayer

A compilation of prayer resource sheets and more. All of which can be used to help parents pray more specifically for their children.

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Just for Grandparents: Resources for Prayer

A compilation of prayer resource sheets and other materials gathered for the purpose of helping grandparents pray more consistently and specifically for their grandchildren.

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Praying with Purpose

Prayer is the most precious gift we can give our loved ones, and Deborah gives us a wonderful roadmap for enjoying and sharing a focused and creative prayer life. Nothing will influence the next generation more than the prayers we offer up for others. For those who often pray vague prayers, this book has many suggestions and resources compiled to encourage and inspire victorious praying. Praying with Purpose includes creative and real world methods for a variety of different types of prayer and prayer topics.

Available through Warner Press and wherever Christian books are sold.

Pray Powerful Prayers for Your Grandchildren

This handbook is a valuable resource for any grandparent who desires to be a more effective prayer champion for their grandchildren. Praying Powerful Prayers for Your Grandchildren shares a unique and engaging prayer technique that helps the pray-er be more specific and consistent in their prayers. The method is clearly explained in this handbook that is also packed with step-by-step instruction, tips, and other resources for implementation of the technique.

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Prayer Stations Handbook

This downloadable PDF contains nine ready-to-use prayer prompt sheets for setting up and administering your own prayer stations. This set is perfect for small groups, youth groups, and churches.

Along with the ready to print prompt sheets, you will receive: Tips for Setting Up, Suggestions for Using, and a Materials List.

Available through Gumroad.