How to Nourish Your Soul: 26 Simple Ideas

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My 2015 school year started yesterday.  Where does the summer go?

As the school year begins with its schedules and routines, I take a few moments to reflect upon the summer that so quickly came and went.  It was a different summer for me.  There was quite a bit of travel involved so I did not sign up for any organized Bible studies at my church as is my usual practice.

Instead, I gave myself permission to spend this summer experiencing some different forms of engagement with God.  It was my summer of intention as I sought to care for my soul.  My soul, like all others, longs and craves.  It needs to be nourished.  And I am so often guilty of being busy “doing” other things.

This summer was my time to pull away and be deliberate.  To intentionally nourish my soul.

Today I share just a morsel of what I learned from this experience:

Ask God.  He is there.  All the time.  Pursuing.  Ask!

Breathe breath prayers.


Develop soul friendships.

Engage.  Be present.  Pay attention.

Fast because fasting is feasting.

Grace breaks.  They are good for the soul.  Observe a few throughout the day.

Heap praise and adoration upon the Lord.

Invite feedback from your soul friends.  They are for you.

Journal.   – prayers, Scriptures, devotions, thanks, praise and adoration, travels, images.  Write for the soul.

Keep a daily appointment with the Lord.

lectio divina.

Music speak to the soul.  Listen, sing, dance.

No.”  It’s okay to say it.  Sometimes it’s best.

Only one.  “The Bible is the only book whose author is always present when one reads it.”  Read it, meditate on it, study it, be shaped by it.

Pray the Bible, preach the Gospel to yourself, and practice the presence of God.

Quiet meditation on Scripture is health and life for the soul.  “For it is not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life.” –Deuteronomy 32:47

Read the Bible with purpose.

Sit at Jesus’ feet.

Talk to yourself.  Learn to spend more time talking to yourself than listening to yourself.

Uncover your soul’s path to God.

Verses.  Identify and claim soul verses.

Wait.  Wait on the Lord.  Wait in silence and solitude – with no agenda.

eXamine your life.  Engage in times of self-reflection.

Yield.  Make Jesus, who is the one thing, THE one thing.  Have a singular purpose.

Zig and zag as you take walks, L –O –N –G walks.

How do you care for your soul?  I’d love to hear.  Please share in the comments.  Let’s develop a library of ideas for nourishing our souls.

soli deo gloria,

8 comments on “How to Nourish Your Soul: 26 Simple Ideas

  1. Finally! Someone who gives me permission to talk to myself! 😉 Actually I love that advice.

    I love all of these ideas for nourishing your soul. Waiting in stillness and solitude is one I’m trying to get better at. It’s hard in this busy, crazy world, but so necessary!

    I came over from the Grace & Truth linkup!

    • Lynnae,

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

      I, too, find waiting in stillness and solitude to be one of the most difficult things to do in this crazy world in which we live. I heard something today that I love, and I’m hoping it will help spur me toward more stillness and solitude…

      “Aloneness – The ability to be alone, to be quiet, to be still, to ponder, to reflect. These are all opportunities God has given us to become more self-aware and to become more aware of Him. To get our focus off of ourselves and onto others.” Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd

      Stillness and solitude = God-given opportunities for growth! That might just be worth fighting for!:-)

  2. I think developing soul friendships is one I am always drawn to, but rarely find the time or the opportunity to invest in. That is one are I would like to see the Lord work in my life. Very creative list. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing, Dawn. Soul friendships are such an essential component to our soul’s nourishment, yet something I think many of us struggle with as they do take much time and effort on our part. I pray you will be ever watching for the soul friendships God is orchestrating on your behalf and then be ready and eager to develop them.

  3. Deborah, this is awesome, Stopping by from Women Leading Women.

  4. I like the talking to yourself instead of listening to yourself. Too often I say things to myself that God would not want me to say.

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