Here is What Happens When You Go to the Movies on a Week Night


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We don’t go to the movies often and never on a week night.  However, last night my husband and I were privileged to be invited to the theater viewing of Focus on the Family’s Irreplaceable.  And it turned out to be an impactful evening for me on two counts.

First –  the Movie Presentation Itself

I must say that I kept thinking to myself throughout the entire presentation that I needed a notebook and a pen so I could jot down all the truths that were jumping out at ME and all the connections that were leaping around in my head.  Even during the panel discussion afterward, I kept trying to recall just a few of the thoughts that had affected me during the film so I could delve into them more deeply at home.  Perhaps later on today I will be able to sit down and be still awhile with a notebook and pen in hand listening for the truths that are meant for me today.  Or maybe I will have the opportunity to view the film again.  There are truths I need to share and truths I must allow to penetrate my own life.

Second  – An Encounter in the Lobby

As I reflect upon last night, there is one event that made a huge impression upon me even before I saw the movie.   It actually happened in the theater lobby.   Don and I attended Irreplaceable with two other couples.  Four of us were waiting in the lobby for the third couple to arrive, when we were approached by a young mother.  This adorable young woman had purchased tickets for the same show, but her babysitter baled on her at the last minute.  I thought back to my “young mommy” days and was immediately amazed by the fact that she was even standing in that lobby.  I’m sure I would have just curled up at home feeling pretty sorry for myself and considered the tickets a loss.  But she had pulled herself away, leaving her husband and young child at home, to come to the theater to find someone who could use the tickets.

Not in need of tickets, we chatted with her for a few moments as she shared her story.  During the exchange, she mentioned that prior to heading out to the theater she called some good friends to see if they would like the tickets.  Almost in tears, she relayed that instead of taking the tickets her friends insisted on spending the evening with them and suggested that they all rent the DVD and watch it together later.

As we were finishing up our conversation, a couple from our church walked through the lobby doors.  We threw up our hands in greeting, and they came over to join us.  Turned out our friends did not have tickets and were planning to purchase them upon arrival.  Upon hearing this, the young mom handed them her tickets.  When they asked how much they owed her, through the tears once again welling up in her eyes, she replied, “Nothing.  It’s a gift!”

As she walked through the door and out of the theater, I stood silent.

Grateful —  to have “counted” so many illustrations of people demonstrating God’s love to others in one brief encounter.