Engaging the Scripture – Book Launch Party

Our new book, Engaging the Scripture, released Monday. So a party seemed appropriate!

It was so much fun planning and hosting the launch party, I thought you might enjoy a peek!

Guest Book

First, guests were encouraged to leave a record of their visit by signing the guest book as they entered the party.

I surely didn’t want my guests to stand around with nothing to do while at the party, so several “stations” were set up to engage guests with one another and/or the content of the book.

Practice Station – where guests could “practice” Scripture engagement activities from the book.
Share Station – a place for spreading the word about Engaging the Scripture via social media.
Photography Contest Station – what’s more fun than a contest? Guests were encouraged to be creative as they took and shared photos featuring the book cover or hashtag sign.

And, of course, there was a photo booth, refreshments, and swag!

Photo Booth
Swag bags!

Wish you could have joined us in person! Thanks for taking a peek.


Engaging the Scripture – The Bible is one of God’s greatest gifts to His people. It’s a gift that is vital to the health of our soul. Yet many of us are missing out on many of the benefits of this amazing gift because we don’t feel that we know how to read it for understanding. Engaging the Scripture explores 5 ways a reader can learn to interact with the text of the Bible, encountering God.