Digging Deeper Kids: An Innovative Way to Reverse the Course of Bible Illiteracy among our Children

Last month I read a comment that broke my heart.  In response to The Scandal of Biblical Ignorance written by Dr. Al Mohler, a young mom pleaded for help.  I could hear her desperate cry as she asked for resources that would help her get her girls into the Word. She acknowledged the grave consequences…

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Digging Deeper Kids|

Last month I read a comment that broke my heart.  In response to The Scandal of Biblical Ignorance written by Dr. Al Mohler, a young mom pleaded for help.  I could hear her desperate cry as she asked for resources that would help her get her girls into the Word.

She acknowledged the grave consequences of a generation of people unfamiliar with the content of the Bible, and she realized that her own children were at risk.

Most of us can understand her dilemma.

We see what is happening in our current culture.  We are concerned for our children and grandchildren.

We pray for them; and rightly so.

But HOW can we EQUIP them for making right choices and decisions based upon Biblical principles as they sit in a classroom, hang out with their friends, or view any type of media?


Yes, we live in a culture where the Word of God is easily accessible to many.  Most of our children have multiple copies of the Bible available in their own homes.  Many attend church regularly where they sit in Sunday School classes or hear sermons.  Some even listen to podcasts.  Others read devotionals or Christian- authored books.  These are all good things, but they are no substitute for PERSONAL BIBLE READING.

[tweetthis]Reading the Bible for oneself – engaging with Scripture WITH A PEN AND A NOTEBOOK – is quickly becoming a lost art.[/tweetthis]

That mama’s desperate plea echoed in my ears.

Other mama’s flashed through my mind.

…It is time to take a step; to reverse the course.

Today, I am beyond excited to share with you a resource that will help children learn to read the Bible for themselves; a step in reversing the course.

Last year I wrote a self-study course for adults on this same topic; engaging with God’s Word.  After experiencing the reality that children have this same need, the contents of the course were put together into a “KIDS” version.

In Digging Deeper Kids Methods, children are introduced to 9 different methods for engaging with the Word of God. Methods include: Praying the Scripture in Color, Verse Mapping, Scripture Journaling, A.K.A (Also Known As), and more.  Various methods geared toward different personalities and different moods.  Each one incorporating critical reading skills, a pen, and a notebook.

A second resource, Digging Deeper Kids Journaling Templates, includes 12 fill-in the blank (or box) templates including: 5 Ways to Meditate on a Verse of Scripture, People of the Bible, Sketch Notes, and Who? What? When? Where? Why?  This set is perfect for any child who might be intimidated by a blank page.  It can also be used as “training wheels” for the Digging Deeper Kids Methods.  Use the Journaling Templates first.  Then ease your children into the Methods.  Or intersperse the Journaling Templates to add variety.

Over the past month, I had the privilege of using 3 of the Digging Deeper Kids Methods as I worked with 4th and 5th grade girls at my church.

  • I saw body language change from “I’d rather not be here” to “I can’t get enough.”
  • I witnessed eagerness as girls walked in the door.
  • I watched as girls sought out Scripture to engage with.
  • I noticed 4th and 5th graders seeking for dictionaries and thesauruses in order to look up words from their passage.
  • I delighted over girls, Bibles, pens, paper, and finished products.
With Digging Deeper Kids, Your Children/Grandchildren Will:
  • Learn ways for reading the Bible independently
  • Acquire reading and critical thinking skills
  • Gain confidence and practical know-how
  • Experience meaningful time with God through His Word
  • Be able to read the Bible and reply, “This is what it actually says?”
  • Develop skills for a life-time of engaging with God’s Word
  • Truly know their Bible
So, what’s included in Digging Deeper Kids?

Digging Deeper Kids Methods

  • Method Sheets for 9 different ways to engage with the Bible
  • supporting material for 3 of the methods
  • How to put together “Bible Study Baskets for Kids
  • 3 Bonus Material resources

Digging Deeper Kids Journaling TemplatesDDKJournaling Templates

  • 12 Journaling Templates
    • Who? What? When? Where? Why?
    • Timeline
    • Sketch Notes
    • Scripture Analysis
    • Praying the Scripture in Color – Flower
    • Praying the Scripture in Color – Butterfly
    • People of the Bible
    • Lists
    • Compare and Contrast – Venn Diagram
    • Compare and Contrast – T-chart
    • K.A. (Also Known As)
    • 5 Ways to Meditate on a Verse of Scripture
  • Freedom to print as many copies of any of the templates (for personal use) as you desire

Digging Deeper Kids BUNDLE

  • Digging Deeper Kids Methods   …AND…
  • Digging Deeper Kids Journaling Templates

I believe Digging Deeper Kids is a tool that will help equip our children and grandchildren to read the Bible for themselves.

I believe it, because I have seen the growth among a group of 4th and 5th grade girls.

I invite you to discover the Digging Deeper Kids difference for yourself.  Click the Buy it Now button for the option of your choice.

Digging Deeper Kids Methods – $7.50  (INTRODUCTORY PRICE THROUGH 8/1/16)
Buy Now

Digging Deeper Kids Journaling Templates – $12.50 (INTRODUCTORY PRICE THROUGH 8/1/16)
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Digging Deeper Kids BUNDLE – $15.00 (INTRODUCTORY PRICE THROUGH 8/1/16)
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All three of the above items are in PDF format.  Upon purchase, you will be provided with a link to download your files.



  • Deborah, This looks great. I am sharing it with my Children’s Minister at church! Blessings, Rayna

  • This is awesome Deborah, I can’t wait to use these tools with my future children! There is such an importance to not only read and memorize the bible ,but really be able to internalize what it all means!

  • Each time that I read about what you do Deborah, I am more and more encouraged with your work. This is wonderful! Thank you.

  • Sounds great! Is this mainly for 4th-5th graders?

  • Hi Deborah, Great resource. I can’t wait until my grand daughters are old enough to do this!

  • Connie, I am so sorry for the delay in responding to you. Your comment got lost in the world of SPAM. No, Digging Deeper is not just for 4th and 5th graders. The wonderful thing about it is that almost all of the methods included can be used by anyone of any age. For instance, Verse Mapping can be done by anyone. Their completed “Maps” will just look different. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if a family each chose a verse (from their family devotions or Sunday Sermon) on Monday. each family member “Mapped” that verse throughout the course of the week, and then the family came together on Friday or Saturday to share their “Maps?” The family conversations over God’s Word that would come up naturally and the individual sharing at family time would certainly help to reverse the course of Bible Illiteracy among ALL the participants. And how powerful for parents to share with their children what God has been teaching them through the study of the verse AND for parents to hear their children’s take on a verse.

    Again, I am so sorry this is late. I hope it is helpful.

  • Thank you, Rayna! I get so excited when I think about a generation of young minds immersed in God’s Word!!

  • Oh, Stephanie, I’m so excited about the thought of you using this with your future children!!! You will have to let me know how it goes. Don’t forget!!!!

  • Thank you for your encouraging words, Mary Lou! I am so grateful that God has invited me along on this journey.

  • Thank you, Kim. All of my grandchildren LOVE it (except the wee little ones who haven’t been introduced to it yet, either). Can’t wait for them to join us!

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