Dig Deeper: 5 Ways to Engage More Deeply with Scripture


The Bible is God’s Word – written and preserved over these many generations – just for us!  Spending time with God in the pages of His Word should never be a chore or an obligation or (dare I say) something that we dread.  Yet often because of our busy schedules or because we just aren’t sure that we’re doing it right, that’s exactly what happens.
Recently I’ve had opportunity to share some practical tips and a bit a motivation on this topic with others through workshops, coaching groups, and presentations of various sorts.  During our time together, we look at 5 Ways to Engage More Deeply with Scripture (Even if We Only Have 5 Minutes) – Reading It, Writing It, Meditating on It, Memorizing It, and Praying It.
And now… a new opportunity to share.  Next week (April 9th through April 12th), this topic will be one of the sessions included in the National Association of Christian Journal Writers’ 2018 Journaling Teleconference.

2018 Conference Speakers (and more still being added):

  • Annetta Benjamin, MA, LPC, NCC – Five Hurts and Five Helpers Daily Journal
  • Susan Borgstrom – Creative Journaling in Nature
  • Kathy Bornarth – How to Use Journaling with Your Counseling or Coaching Clients
  • Kathy Butryn – How to Journal a Review of Your Day: The Spiritual Discipline of Examine
  • Rowena Curtis – Current Day Scribe: Taking Notes from the Master
  • Deborah Haddix – Dig Deeper: Engaging with the Word of God
  • Colleen Hord, M.Ed. – Jesus, Mindfulness and Journaling
  • Mari L. Mccarthy – Build a Life-Changing Journaling Power Practice
  • Doreen Penner – Revealing the Hidden Story of Your Heart
  • Kathy Widenhouse – Journaling to Write Devotionals


**Interview and training sessions added daily throughout the conference.  Access them from the comfort of your home — no cost.**


To learn more details about the 2018 Journaling Conference or to sign up, visit:  National Association of Christian Journal Writers.


Come join me in Dig Deeper: 5 Ways to Engage More Deeply with Scripture as together we move from chore to delight, obligation to love, and dread to excited anticipation.  Oh come, taste the sweetness of His Word.

How sweet are your words to my taste,
    sweeter than honey to my mouth! Psalm 119:103

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful conference! I love digging into God’s Word through the methods you have mentioned–what a great way to allow God’s Word to soak into our souls!

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