Creative Journaling: Breathing Fresh Air into Your Journaling

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Journaling your faith:

  • Is good for you. (The physical act of writing benefits your brain.)
  • Assists you in staying focused. (The process of journaling helps as you meditate on God’s Word and listen for what He is saying to you as you connect with Him.)
  • Allows you to take a closer look at what is happening in your own mind and heart.
  • Helps you draw closer to God and to others.
  • Documents your faith walk providing you with a recorded history of what has happened at different periods of time in your life.

All things that I desire for my life and my relationship with God.  Then why is it so difficult?

Perhaps because I am forcing it.  Perhaps because I am journaling in a way that goes against the way I am wired.  Perhaps because I have been doing it the same way for so long that it has become stale and meaningless to me.

As I stop to reflect on why the act of journaling has often been so difficult for me, it occurs to me that I have been created by the God of the universe Himself.  It is He who wired me.  Why not, then, try using the gifts He has given me to connect with Him?   So I gave myself permission…

The opportunity to play with stickers, stamping techniques, quotes, words, and photography (all things I love) draws me to my time with Him.  I’ve discovered that I can’t wait for times to be in His Word or to pray.  I find myself thinking throughout the day on the Scriptures or prayers that I’ve been journaling.   What greater way to glorify Him than to use His unique wiring of me as I lean into Him.

Here are just a few ideas I have played with recently to get you started:

Picture Prayer Journal
Picture Prayer Journal

Picture Journals:  In this type of journal you attach a photo to the upper corner or top of each journal page.  These photos serve as visual prompts.

If you decide on a Picture Prayer Journal, you might include photos of the people, places, things, or situations you are praying for.  For instance, photos of your grandchildren, your small group members, national news headlines, or missionaries.

If you decide to create a Picture Journal for Scripture study, you could include images that correspond with the Scripture verses, passages, or sermon notes you are studying.

Pictorial Journals:  Where the Picture Journal has one photo per page, the Pictorial Journal contains many photos.  Fill the journal with photos which will serve as prompts.  Leave room around the photos so you have a place to write.  There you might choose to write out prayer requests, your own prayers of intercession for someone, or a Scripture prayer inserting your own name in the verse where appropriate.

Legacy Journals:  The idea of this journal is that it is a shared journal – typically between members of different generations in the same family.  However, it could be shared between members of any group such as a Bible Study or small group.

Whether the Legacy Journal is being used to record prayers, Scripture, or a Spiritual journey, the participants record their entries and reflections providing a wonderful tool to be used for thoughtful discussion or modeling for younger generational members.

Picture Journals, Pictorial Journals, or Legacy Journals –No matter the type of journal, it is important to remember there are no rules!  These are simply ideas to get you started on your out-of-the-box journaling experience.  Journals are simply tools.  Tools for helping you engage and connect with your Heavenly Father.  Hopefully, through the use of journaling you will come to engage with Him more intentionally and consistently.

Take any of these ideas – as they are, mix them, adjust them, do something completely different that might have been inspired just by seeing something on the page.  Design your journal and design it to be uniquely you.  Make it your own, but be sure it is “doable.”

If none of these ideas has sparked anything for you or if you are now craving more ideas, be sure to check in for the next post where we will share a few more creative journaling ideas.

soli deo gloria,

7 comments on “Creative Journaling: Breathing Fresh Air into Your Journaling

  1. Thanks for the reminders. I have been negligent in my journaling lately. You reminded me how fun it was to use different color pens and stickers in the past. That just might get me started again. Thanks!

  2. This is FANTASTIC Deborah! Thanks so much for sharing it. I really love journaling and love the options of how to do this creatively. I will have to save this one!

    • Mary Lou,

      I hope you get the opportunity to try some of these creative options in your own personal journaling as well as with your clients. I’d be interested to hear what you think after you try them out!

  3. Thank you. This article helped me in dealing with distractions today. I will reblog it as a share.

    • I am so glad you found the article helpful. There are a few more ideas coming in the next weeks, I hope you will come back and check them out. Thank you for reblogging.

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