Breathe: A Little Soul Care this Christmas


Breathe?  Really?  Right now, right here in the middle of December?


I’ll be honest.  Sometimes I struggle to do the things I know need to be done.  Often, I simply ignore them altogether.
I can’t tell you the number of times the past few weeks that I sat for the purpose of writing this blog post, but it just wouldn’t come.  Plenty of thoughts and topics.  No concentration or brain power!


And then it hit me…
It’s okay.  The world won’t stop spinning.  Take care of your soul.  You would expect it of others.

Give yourself permission.  Breathe!


So, I’m breathing.  For the remainder of the month, I think I will breathe!
And I invite you to breathe right along with me.


Enjoy any or all of these clips as you slow down for a moment and exhale.  (In fact, why not grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage first?)


Breathe: A Little Soul Care for Your Christmas

5 comments on “Breathe: A Little Soul Care this Christmas

  1. Thanks for the music to breathe by. I got a lot of necessary housework done listening to it and some other music afterward.
    Also, with God’s help and by His grace, it is possible to be people focused as Karen stated in her comment. What is Christmas about anyway? God with people, Emmanuel. It was never about decorations.
    You might be interested in my post:
    The Lord bless you. Merry Christmas!

  2. I used to be so meticulous about how we did Christmas… all the right decorations… all the right food. I’ve gotten past that and now am so much more focused on the people than I am all that other stuff… and not surprisingly, I’m so much more relaxed and able to do exactly what you said… breathe!

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