Always in Learning Mode

I absolutely love it when I experience one of those “Aha!” moments!  You know, when you are right in the middle of something, and you think, “Wow, God!”  It’s usually either something new I am learning about Him, something I’ve read or heard a thousand times before but am seeing in a new light, or something He is revealing to me about me.

Years ago I read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  It was enlightening to discover these love languages and particularly to hone in on which ones spoke to my husband and my children.  It was a thrill to intentionally speak to each one in their love language and in doing so strengthen each relationship.

It was not until very recently (a couple of years ago) that I listened to an audio book by the same author that discussed the benefits of communicating with God in my love language.  I guess this confirms that I am a little slow on the uptake!  I had never once thought about using my love language to communicate with God.  Duh!  Why would I think to communicate with my creator and the author and giver of love languages using the love language(s) He had given to me?  An “Aha” moment!

My relationship with my Heavenly Father became so much more intimate, and I began to experience a deeper relationship with Him as I learned to speak with Him using the unique love language(s) that He had created and given to me.

Well, I have learned that my God doesn’t teach me something and then leave me there.  He is continually teaching me and moving me forward.Psalm 145:1-4

Several times over the past two to three weeks I have been challenged by someone/something to either think about how I am wired by God or to discover how He has wired me if I don’t already know.  The message being spoken to me was to use that unique wiring as a way to connect with God.  A couple of the challenges I heard suggested that if I ever found myself struggling in the area of having devotions or being faithful to carry out a quiet time, I might try connecting with God in some way that would involve my “special wiring.”  Well, Duh!  Can you say love languages?

My God is moving me one step closer.  If communicating with Him in the love language He gave to me can bring more intimacy and a deeper relationship with Him, what might deepening that communication through the way He has wired me do?

So this morning I sat out on an intentional journey.  How might I use the way God has uniquely wired me to communicate more authentically, more intimately with Him?  How might it more effectively bring rest to my soul?  How might my alone time with God become a time I crave rather than a time that quite often gets put off?

Day 1 – I thought about my wiring.  How I love photography, art, manipulating images in Photoshop, words, quotes, God’s Word.  I sat down with my Bible open to Psalm 145 (just because that chapter has come across my path a couple of times lately) and my computer open to Photoshop.  This is the product of time spent with God thinking on all the words David used in Psalm 145 to express Praise to God.  I must say, right now I’m looking forward to more of this journey and where it might lead.