38 Things You May Not Know about Me

Since getting to know people is just down-right fun and the mission of our ministry is “empowering women to embrace God’s design for their life and their relationships,” I thought this week I would share with you 38 Things You May Not Know about Me. Please allow me to introduce myself (in no particular order):…

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DSC_0061_edited-1Since getting to know people is just down-right fun and the mission of our ministry is “empowering women to embrace God’s design for their life and their relationships,” I thought this week I would share with you 38 Things You May Not Know about Me.

Please allow me to introduce myself (in no particular order):

  1. I have been married nearly 38 years (in May) to my high school sweetheart.
  2. I am left-handed.
  3. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, I have always lived in southwestern Ohio.
  4. When we were children, a friend and I got stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel for hours. (It seemed like hours.  I know it was a long time!  The event scarred me!)  In December, 2014, nearly 50 years later, I finally worked up the BRAVE to get back on a Ferris wheel!
  5. I am a long-distance grandma (Mimi) to seven and nearby-grandma to three.
  6. I was a presenter for the Journaling4Faith Guest Audio Series in November, 2014, talking on “Journaling Your Prayers for Your Grandchildren and Children.”
  7. I played the flute in junior high school.
  8. Possessing a very determined spirit, I nearly drowned learning to water ski when I was in high school.
  9. My father-in-law fought in World War 1. (No, that is not a typo.  He was born in 1899.  This was always a fun fact when my children were studying the major wars in school!)
  10. I made my daughter’s wedding gown and all of her attendants’ dresses.
  11. I was extremely privileged to grow up with four living grandparents. All four were still living at the time of my wedding and even into my young married, young mama days.
  12. I am a retired intermediate school teacher – fifth and sixth grade with the exception of one year in fourth, mostly Language Arts and Social Studies (except for the few years I taught Math.  There are many who know me that find that fact amazing!).
  13. I often walked home for lunch during the years I attended elementary school.
  14. I did not finish college right after high school – several reasons all rolled into one. However, I did return to college as a NON-TRADITIONAL student when my youngest child entered pre-school.  I graduated the year my oldest child finished her junior year of high school.
  15. I am a project junkie! I don’t have to go looking for them.  They find me!
  16. I am the mother of three adult, married children; mother-in-love to their 3 amazing spouses.
  17. As a young child, I often had the opportunity to ride along with my grandpa on his ROLLING STORE (A converted school bus that carried groceries out into the country to people who could not travel into town.  I remember he was often paid with items other than money.)
  18. I was a member of my high school choir and Glee Club.
  19. I am basically a sports’ spectator. I did play on my school’s kickball team when I was in the fifth grade.
  20. I am double-jointed in my thumbs.
  21. I am a faculty member for the National Association of Christian Journal Writers.
  22. Nearly nine years ago, my husband and one of my daughters jumped out of a plane. Yes, on purpose!  Being a feet-on-the-ground kind of girl, my bucket list sounds more like, “Go to New York City.  See a Broadway play!”  Which I have done now—twice!
  23. I founded the Women by Design CAMP series.
  24. My hobbies are mostly of the sedentary variety — photography, scrapbooking, card making, reading, and sewing. I do enjoy hiking mountain trails and taking long walks.
  25. Growing up, I was often able to spend some extended time each summer with both sets of my grandparents who lived in Kentucky.
  26. I double majored in college – English Literature and Elementary Education.
  27. I am a board certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and a member of the International Christian Coaches Association.
  28. I love, love, love bright blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds. This is my trigger – reminding me each time I take it in, that God truly, deeply loves me, and to which I often reply (sometimes out loud, even), “I love you, too!”
  29. I love music. Mostly listening, but I do enjoy dabbling with the piano (took lessons on and off through school), organ, and keyboard.  I also love joining with other voices in song during praise and worship service at church, singing along with the iPod while I am cleaning or crafting, and singing along with the radio while driving or riding in the car.
  30. I learned to pump gas while helping out at my grandpa’s country store – not a common thing back in the ‘60s!
  31. My mother became very ill and was bedridden when I was in the fourth grade. (She was not hospitalized because she had three young children at home, and my dad worked from home.  The doctor, choosing to allow mom to remain at home, made daily visits to our home – often several times a day.)  This is when I learned to cook and manage the home.  I was the oldest.
  32. I delight in incorporating the practice of journaling into other Spiritual Disciplines through such things as Illustrated Bible Journaling, Verse Mapping, Journible-ing, and Squish-it Journaling.
  33. I have written and published two books:  Praying with Purpose: Helping Equip Your Grandchildren to Stand Fast in the Faith and Soul Nourishment: Satisfying Our Deep Longing for God.
  34. Among some of my most cherished memories are those of being at my grandparents’ house and waking up on a cold morning warmly tucked under several quilts which had been piled high – dread looming, at the thought of coming out from under and placing feet on the cold linoleum.  (The fire made in the coal stove the night before – gone!)  But even more precious, my memories of the sight of my grandma sitting in her straight-backed chair listening to the radio and churning butter as I entered the kitchen.
  35. I enjoy meeting and interacting with women as I speak or lead sessions at women’s events such as conferences, retreats, and workshops.  Who would have guessed?  I am an introvert.
  36. I founded the ASPIRE Women’s Ministry at my home church (Hope Church, Mason, Ohio) and then served as the initial team leader for the first two years.
  37. I remember being sent home from school the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
  38. I have played Kick the Can!

I would now love to meet you!

Please introduce yourself in the comments section below.  And if you would like to make your introduction by way of sharing any connections you may have made while reading through my list, please do!  Connections are so much FUN!  Don’t you simply love it when someone responds to you with, “Really, you, too?”  “I can’t believe it!”



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