20 Ways to Engage with Scripture: #1-5


I hope you will join us as we spend the next 4 weeks taking a closer look at ways to engage with the Bible.


Five Simple Ways to Engage with Scripture


#1  Find a quiet place

Indoors, outdoors. By an open window, on the patio. In a coffee shop, sitting by a lake.





#2  Prepare ahead. Remove distractions.

Enjoy having your quiet time first thing in the morning?  Gather your materials

the night before.

Easily distracted?  Move away from the computer, silence your phone or leave it

in another room, wear sound-blocking headphones.




#3  Read and read AGAIN.

Read once to get the main idea.  Read the verses and chapters before and after your chosen passage to

understand the context.  Read again with focus.



#4  Substitute your name for pronouns.

I, me, my, mine, myself, you, your, yours, yourself, he, she, him, her, us, our, them, they, etc.

When you come across personal pronouns in your Bible reading, make the passage personal by substituting your own name.







#5  Visualize what you are reading.

Increase your Bible-reading comprehension by creating pictures in your head as you read.  Go ahead. Use your imagination!  Some of the pictures will be fascinating!!


Download the 20 Ways to Engage with Scripture PDF HERE.


3 comments on “20 Ways to Engage with Scripture: #1-5

  1. These are such great tips! I love the idea of replacing pronouns with our names, and was taught ti do this as a teenager. What a great way to make Scripture personal!

  2. Deborah, these are great suggestions. First thing in the morning is great if you can work it out. For me, I’ve found that right after breakfast is a good time for me to return to my room at my desk and spend time with the Lord then. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #HeartEncouragement.

    • Thank you, Gayl. I agree. First thing in the morning is great… for some people. Another time of day can be better for others, though. In any case, using something from your daily routine (such as breakfast) as a trigger is so helpful in keeping us on track. Thanks for visiting.????

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