20 Ways to Engage with Scripture: 6-10

Last week we began our series on 20 Ways to Engage with Scripture.  In that post we looked at (1) finding a quiet place, (2) preparing ahead, (3) reading and reading AGAIN, (4) substituting your name for pronouns, and (5) visualizing what you read.

This week, 5 MORE!

Ways to Engage with Scripture



#6  Use tools.

Bible commentaries, concordances, cross-references, maps, various Bible translations and paraphrases, online Bible study sites, and, yes, even a good, old standard English dictionary and thesaurus.



#7  Ask questions.

Perplexed?  Can’t figure it out?  Write it down.  Talk to God about it.





#8  Make lists.

Are you a list-maker?  There are so many opportunities for creating lists within the Bible text.  List characteristics, events, strengths/weaknesses.



Try it!



#9  Highlight key words and phrases.

Grab your highlighters and mark key words and phrases.  Use multiple colors of highlighters and design your own color coding system.



#10 Look for patterns and repetitions.

Mark them with your highlighters or colored pencils or create a list.



Download the 20 Ways to Engage with Scripture PDF HERE.

2 comments on “20 Ways to Engage with Scripture: 6-10

  1. I hadn’t thought of making lists of characters, events, etc. That’s a good idea. I do love to highlight and have just timidly begun using art in my journaling Bible and my new Bible. Blessings to you! I’m a neighbor at #Grace&Truth.

    • Gayl, Thank you for stopping by today. Honestly, I’ve shared the idea of making lists several times but just starting incorporating the strategy into my own study time… love it!

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