10 Creative Ways to Preach the Truth to Yourself

Preaching the Truth to Ourselves is a powerful tool in the work of our Spiritual Transformation. This daily habit of rehearsing the truths of God’s Word, when done each morning and frequently throughout the day, serves to remind us of the importance and power of the Gospel.

This multi-faceted discipline is both a preemptive and responsive work.

Recall that preemptively, Preaching the Truth to Ourselves feeds our soul, helps properly fix our focus, and equips us for battle. Responsively, this discipline helps us learn to recognize unhealthy lies and respond immediately with the truth of God’s Word to help keep us from being mangled and torn by the often disappointing and hard circumstances of life.

Preaching the Truth to Ourselves is not as familiar a discipline as some of the others such as Engaging with Scripture, Prayer, and Worship. Because of this, you may quite likely feel a bit hesitant at the thought of putting it into practice. Or wonder where to begin.

Whether you are new to this spiritual discipline or a many-years veteran, I pray you find the following ideas helpful.

(Beginning each day in the Word of God, revisiting it several times throughout the day, and engaging in Gospel-saturating activities.)

  • Read a passage of Scripture.
  • As you read, look for Truth. Highlight each Truth or create a list by writing them out.
  • At the conclusion of your reading, take the Truths you discovered to God in prayer. Thank Him for each one.

Know that our preemptive work helps prepare us for the necessary work of response. In other words, it prepares us for battle. Rarely does Satan hurl fiery arrows at us when we have a Bible in our hands! No, he hits us when he thinks we are unarmed. Therefore, we must be equipped with the Truth of God firmly planted in our minds.

  • Discover a system of Scripture memorization that works for you. (Yes, you can memorize Scripture. Just think of all the song lyrics you have memorized!)
  • Spend 5-10 minutes each morning memorizing Scripture.
  • Practice your passages throughout the day – before lunch, waiting in line, doing household chores, walking the dog.

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Truths of God’s Word by engaging your mind.

  • Search for Truth as you study Scripture passages.
  • Study systematic theology.
  • Listen to Truth-filled podcasts and sermons.
  • Journal the Truths found in the Bible.
  • Read theologically solid books.

Create a playlist of Truth-focused songs.

  • Listen as you get dressed for your day.
  • Turn it up and belt it out as a boost throughout your day.

Don’t forget the past, your past. Remembering is one of the most effective ways to focus on the Truth. Be intentional about setting aside time to remember and reflect on the Truth of God’s word and how it has impacted your life.

  • Write out Truth-filled verses and post them on mirrors, cabinet doors, or the front of your refrigerator.
  • Print out Truthful quotes and hang them over your desk or above the sink.
  • Decorate your home with Truth-filled art.

(Recognizing negative self-talk, throwing up a stop sign, and making the immediate transition from listening to intentional talk.)

When you find yourself listening to your own negative talk, stop immediately and counter the lies with Truth from God’s Word.

  • Rehearse the Scripture passages you have memorized.
  • Practice the verses you are currently learning.
  • Pray memorized passages.
  • Pray memorized passages of Scripture back to God.
  • Claim the Truths of God’s Word that you have identified in your time of Bible reading.
  • Express gratitude for Truths you have been studying.
  • Ask God to help you recognize lies and recall His Truth.

Either in your head, out loud, or on paper…counter each lie you were telling yourself with a Truth from the Bible.

Preach the Truth to Yourself in writing. Record the lies you’ve been listening to on paper or in a journal. Then go back and rewrite each lie as a biblical Truth.

Again, whether you are new to this discipline or one who has used it for years, I pray you find an idea or two in this list helpful. Don’t allow unfamiliarity or discomfort to get in your way. Give yourself plenty of time and lots of grace to grow in this discipline of Preaching Truth to Yourself. It’s time to push back on the lies of the enemy with the Truth of God’s Word.

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