The Ultimate List of Grandparenting Resources

I remember a time not so long ago when the mention of the word “grandparent” evoked images of gray hair and wrinkles, front porches and rocking chairs, aprons and tables spread with food.

Not so today!

According to recent data, the average age of a grandparent is 64. Additionally, this data reveals that the average age for becoming a first-time grandparent is about 47.

Now, that certainly muddies the water when it comes to conjuring images of a grandparent!

Affecting More Than Our Images

I think it’s safe to say that not only our image has become fuzzy, but our understanding of the role has as well.

Research conducted by Dr. Josh Mulvihill of Gospel Shaped Family bears this out. His findings, in fact, indicate that 3 out of 4 Christian grandparents operate according to cultural expectations rather than by biblical principles.

Unable to discern some of the subtle but erroneous messages being touted in our society, many grandparents adopt such views as:

“You raised your kids. Your work is done.”

“You are not needed. Your children’s families should function independently of you.”

“You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned it. It’s time to indulge yourself.”

It Is Time for More

This speaks to me, and it speaks to you, Christian grandparent. When we look more like our culture than we do Christ, future generations pay the price. Our spiritual influence on our grandchildren being greatly limited.

It is only by recognizing and rejecting our culture’s messages, understanding our biblical role, and seeking to align our life with Scripture that we can best influence our grandchildren spiritually, passing on a rich heritage of faith.

The sad part is that many of our churches have not yet caught the vision for encouraging and equipping grandparents. Currently, there are only a small percentage of Christian grandparents who attend churches where Scriptures addressing the role of grandparent are preached, a multi-generational view of the family is embraced, Bible-based grandparenting resources are provided, and grandparents are trained to disciple the generations of their family.

Putting Our Post in the Ground

All this being said, it would be quite easy for us to step back, throw our hands in the air, and cry, “Whoa is me! How can I possibly have any positive spiritual impact on my grandchildren?”

But we are grandparents. Right? And this is our grandchildren we are talking about. Right?

So, let’s do this!

It’s time we step up, put our post in the ground for our line, and cry, “With your help, Lord!”

The Ultimate List of Grandparenting Resources

It was with you in mind, Christian grandparent, that The Ultimate List of Grandparenting Resources was put together. Because, with the help of useful resources, supportive community, and encouraging mentors, we can, in fact, grandparent the way God intendedeven in today’s culture.

Simply click the link to gain access to this extensive list of over 150 resources*.

The list includes everything from books to websites, downloads to podcasts. Not only are the resource media types wide and varied, the topics covered are as well. Aside from the Bible, this list is everything a grandparent could ever need when it comes to finding solid, biblical grandparenting resources!

Some of the resources on the list are free. Others are available for purchase. A few may require subscription to an email list, and one or two are fee based. Please know that I put much effort into the selection of resources for this list.

I know the number of hours in our day is limited, so rest assured that these grandparenting resources will provide useful tips, encouragement, and practical action steps you can put in place today as you put your post in the ground for your line.

Download: The Ultimate List of Grandparenting Resources

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