The Ultimate Book List for Grandparents

There’s no denying it, reading is good for our grandchildren.

14 Powerful Benefits of Reading

Generates a Positive Attitude Toward Reading

When you fill your home with books, read aloud to your grandchildren, and engage in reading focused activities such as visiting your local library, your grandchildren learn early that reading is not a dreaded chore, but something that is fun.

Additionally, young children who read or are read to, tend to develop a positive attitude toward reading. They generally become adults who like to read.

Leads to Better School Performance

Preschool children who are exposed to language by hearing words that are read to them tend to do better in school.

Helps Development of Basic Reading Skills

When preschool children (and even babies) are read to, they learn the basics of reading early. Among other things, they learn that words represent sounds and concepts, that words are read from left to right, and that stories continue when you turn the page.

Increases Attention Span & Builds Listening Skills

Reading to children of all ages can help promote a longer attention span which is an important skill for concentration and performance.

Expands Knowledge Base

Through books, young grandchildren learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  Older grandchildren discover increased knowledge on topics of interest to them.

Develops Thinking Skills & Imagination

Reading helps your grandchild learn to understand things like cause and effect. It also helps them learn to exercise logic and think in abstract terms.

Elicits a Calming Effect

Reading has the power to produce a feeling of calm, especially when your grandchild is fretful and restless.

Relieves Anxiety

When your grandchildren reach a new stage in their growth or experience a new and unfamiliar situation, reading a relevant story to them can relieve anxiety and help them cope. For example, if your grandchild is stressed about their first day in school or moving to a new location, you can read a book together that shows that these experiences do not have to be painful experiences.

Creates a Sense of Intimacy & Security

Just as reading provides benefits to your grandchild, reading together contributes beneficially to your mutual relationship. For instance, reading together brings the two of you physically closer together. Unlike activities involving screen time, reading invites you to share the same book – side-by-side or even curled up together. And all this “togetherness” helps create bonds that lead to a sense of security.

Increases Communication & Deepens Relationship

In that position of close physical proximity, the sharing of a masterfully written text can lead to so many wonderful relationship-building things.

This place is an ideal setting for learning more about your grandchild. By asking great questions about the story or any of its characters, you can get a sense of your grandchild’s mental and emotional maturity. Conversations that develop from these open-ended questions also often lead to teaching opportunities.

Reading together also aids in the exploration of emotions, helps your grandchild become more honest with you about their feelings, and offers you occasions for observing and enjoying your grandchild.

The knowledge gained from these times of reading together will lead to more effective communication and a deeper relationship between you and your grandchild.  

With these powerful benefits in mind, I have recently developed The Ultimate Book List for Grandparents. A tool for grandparents, this list can be used for help in selecting books to give as gifts or to read together.

Please note that while I wish I could say I have read all the books on the list the unadorned reality is that, I have not. Nevertheless, the greatest care was taken to select excellent titles from trusted sources. Since, it is impossible for me to make any guarantees about content or reading levels, your discretion is advised before choosing any books from the list for your grandchild.

For instance, I suggest taking into consideration the maturity and personality of each grandchild before reading any of these books to them or giving the books as gifts.  Some children, for example, don’t enjoy Where the Wild Things Are finding it a bit too scary.  Additionally, be sure to check with your grandchildren’s parents before providing books to your grandchildren as some parents have strong preferences against certain types of books.

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, an Easter basket filler, or something to help occupy your grandchildren during this coronavirus quarantine, it is my hope that you find this tool helpful.

Download The Ultimate Book List for Grandparents.

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  1. Ahhhh…. Deborah, thank you so much for these book suggestions! Reading is such a privilege. You don’t realize what a privilege it is until you meet someone who can’t. It’s a gift!

    Pinned to our Books You Will Love group board.

    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  2. Raise Your Sword

    March 30, 2020 at 9:11 am

    Such fabulous list!! I saw a handful of family favorites on it and some new ones to check out. My 12 year old daughter always says reading is a way for her to go to unknown worlds 🙂 Thank you for compiling such an awesome list!

  3. I am a big proponent of reading to your kids. Reading aloud to my children created so many good memories. And it’s not just little kids. Teens and grown adults like to be read aloud to also.

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