Praying with Purpose


Each of my school-aged grandchildren is back in school, and today is the first day of school for my daughter-in-law who begins life as a teacher.

As someone who has spent many years in the school environment as both a student and a teacher, I cannot help but think about all that the school year brings to our grandchildren.  There is, of course, the academic — classwork, homework, performance, projects, and tests.  Add in the social — new friends, old friends, getting along with classmates, fitting in, and bullying.  What about health and safety, interactions on the bus and at recess, and relationships with teachers?  And in addition to all of this — our grandchildren need to learn balance of priorities, develop organization and scheduling skills, be challenged and disciplined in their learning experiences, and treat others with respect.  And we haven’t even considered the huge tasks they face each day in determining truth from lie and then standing firm for what is right while refusing what is wrong.

With a brand new school year beginning, this is a wonderful time to make the commitment to your grandchildren to pray for them with purpose.  As they enter their schools, our grandchildren need our prayers for godly direction and protection from the enemy.  An occasional, “Lord, bless my grandchildren today,” simply is not enough.  The school year is long.  The battle is at times fierce.

Pray consistently.  Pray specifically.

Consider these steps as a plan for sticking with it:

  1. Write out your commitment to pray for your grandchildren. Include details.  When will you pray?
  2. Post your commitment somewhere visible. Where will you see it with regularity?
  3. Share your commitment with someone else who will agree to hold you accountable.

Stay with it, dear grandparent.  Praying for your grandchildren is the most important thing you can do for them.  Help equip them to stand fast in the faith through yet another school year.