Journaling Your Prayers for Your Grandchildren: 5 Incredible Benefits

In a world turned upside down, grandparents can make a difference – by praying. And while praying with your mind is powerful, there are extra benefits to praying with a pen and journal.

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I was talking with a friend recently. During our conversation she mentioned how one of her friends has now adopted a simple response to nearly everything. Her response?

“It’s 2020!”

Aren’t we all feeling a bit that way?

I mean really. How often this year have you been tempted to throw your hands up in despair or uttered the words, “What is this world coming to?”

We are concerned… for our world, our children, and our precious grandchildren growing up in such a time.

In fact, as grandparents, we can sometimes become concerned even to the point of fear.

And that is when we remember that we can do something. We can make a difference by praying – intentionally, consistently, and deliberately for our grandchildren and their parents.

The Gift of Prayer

Pray is good. Prayer is power.

In these difficult times especially, we need to remember that prayer can stop Satan’s schemes and powers toward our grandchildren (Ephesians 6:12-18), permits us to release to God what we cannot control ourselves, equips our grandchildren to stand fast in the faith (1 Thessalonians 3:8), and unleashes eternity-impacting power upon the lives of our grandchildren.

Yes, prayer is our God-given weapon to be wielded on behalf of our grandchildren. And adding the discipline of journaling to our prayers provides even more benefits.

5 Incredible Benefits of Journaling Our Prayers for Our Grandchildren

Journaling our prayers:

1. Serves as a reminder to pray.

We have good intentions, but good intentions are not enough. Our prayers for our grandchildren and their parents need occur regularly. In this world of distraction and busyness, a prayer journal serves as a much-needed reminder to go to God in prayer.

2. Provides focus.

How often have you drawn aside for a time of prayer only to have your mind pulled away?

  • “What’s that sound?”
  • “Don’t forget the oatmeal when you go to the grocery later on today!”
  • “Whose day is it to pick up the kids?”
  • “What’s for lunch?”

Distractions abound and they seem to always show up during times of prayer. The act of journaling helps provide focus.

3. Enables personal examination.

Often when praying for the “big” concerns in the lives of our grandchildren, we become consumed with the circumstance, the affects, and the “what-ifs.” Sometimes even to the point of being unable to eat or sleep.

The truth is: these “big” things affect us, too. Whatever the circumstance, God is busy doing a work in our life as well as in the life of our grandchildren. The act of journaling enables us to take a closer look at what is happening in our own mind and heart and how God is growing us through each situation.

4. Helps deepen your personal relationship with God.

Isn’t is remarkable? Each of the benefits of prayer journaling that we’ve noted so far works to help deepen our personal relationship with God:

  • Being drawn more often to prayer.
  • Better focus.
  • Closer examination of what is going on in our own mind and heart.
  • Considering how God may be using a situation to grow and sharpen us.

5. Provides a visual record.

The physical journal used during your prayers becomes a beautiful visual record of God’s faithfulness in the lives of your family. When the next valley comes or you become a bit forgetful (we are forgetful beings), pull out one of your prayer journals and be reminded.

One caution: While this is a marvelous benefit of prayer journaling, it is extremely important to keep in mind that prayer journals are working documents not keepsakes.

What a wonderful reminder for grandparents everywhere!

When looking at the world around us and thinking of our grandchildren, let’s not despair. Rather, let us remember that we have an opportunity to make an impact and to powerfully touch the lives of our grandchildren for all eternity.

We can make a difference — by praying!

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  • I love this idea, Deborah! And although it should always be viewed as a working document, what a wonderful keepsake and memorial it would provide for our grandchildren once we pass on. They would be reminded of all the ways we prayed for them over the years! I’ve been pinning this when I see it on Pinterest, but will give it more Pinterest love today too!

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