Here is What Happens When You Attend “Designed for Prayer CAMP”

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  1. You leave with a fresh, new Prayer Journal that you created for the specific purpose of using while praying for your grandchildren/children or other children in your life. CAMP is THE place to finally get it done!  It is an intentional STOP in our busy schedules so we can make those journals we have had every intention of making for such a very long time.

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  1. You have the opportunity to try something new. If intrigued by the concept of Praying in Color, participants at CAMP may pick up a sketchpad and some colored pencils and give it a try.  The basic concept of Praying in Color is to keep your pencil moving the act of which provides focus and helps to keep your mind from wandering while in communion with God.


    “We had a wonderful time!!! Loved the camp and meeting new friends!”

  1. Meet new people and, perhaps, make new friends.


 “Loved it!  Love the sharing and encouragement as well as the hands-on experience.”


  1. Shared ideas. CAMP provides an occasion to pick the brains of other women.  Not sure how you want to set up your journal?  Take a peek at what others are doing.  Confused on the best way to use your journal?  Just ask someone else what’s working for them.  Struggling with something in your daily life?  Why not ask one or more of the ladies you connect with at CAMP?

This is just a quick look at the CAMPS that occurred this week; the first of 2015.  We are so excited about these new CAMPS which are a part of our Women by Design series –talks, workshops, retreats, and CAMPs just for women; about things that matter to women.

If you would like more information about this series or customizing an event for your group, please contact me.  We are so excited about what’s ahead in this new year!

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