Digging Deeper Kids: WORKSHOP

The fourth and final week – WORKSHOP.WHope4_edited-3

**There were 6 girls in attendance for the very first time this month!!!

So… for their benefit, I took a few extra minutes to review each of the three Bible study methods we learned over the course of the first three weeks:

  • Praying Scripture in Color
  • Verse Mapping
  • Scripture Journaling with/without Art

I then did a quick reminder of some of the many ways one can choose to Scripture Journal:

  • Rewriting the verse as one meditates upon it
  • Rewriting the verse and adding one’s own thoughts or reflections
  • Rephrasing the verse
  • Journaling song lyrics with an appropriate Scripture
  • Journaling things one has learned from a Christian-authored book
  • Journaling sermon notes

The remainder of our time was spent engaging with Scripture using the method of our choice.


WHope3_edited-1 WHope5_edited-2








Looking back on my experience:

  • I had a blast getting to know some young ladies in our church whom I never would have crossed paths with otherwise.
  • I saw one young lady’s body language move from “I’d rather not be here” to “I can’t get enough” in just two-three weeks.
  • More than 26 girls and their mothers have now been introduced to new ways for engaging with their Bible.
  • Each of them was not only introduced to new methods but had opportunity to practice them.
  • I observed each participant being ABLE to engage with her Bible. (Not every entry was at the same level, but each girl was able to do as she could.)
  • Each girl can now read the Bible independently if she chooses.
  • I smile as I think of the girls who were extremely excited about what they learned and their eagerness to continue.