6 Healthy Ideas for Managing Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year. Okay, truth be told, I don’ think the time of year makes any difference. Seems we all face major stress every day, all year long.

But this time of year, all the shopping, planning, cooking, baking, parties, programs, and other holiday “joys” do tend to magnify our stress and anxiety.

We enter the season with grand hopes of treasuring the season and enjoying the festivity. Then, BAMM!

So, what can we do?


I’ve come to be a huge believer in the power of intentionality.

Those things that are important to us – marriage, parenting, grandparenting, living a life centered on Christ, our health – must be approached with great intentionality.

This Christmas season, the treasuring, the festivity, our mental and physical health must be approached with great intentionality.

Healthy Ideas for Handling Holiday Stress

  1. 1. Exercise

There is strong scientific evidence as to the benefits of exercise in managing stress. I know you don’t think you have the time, but its benefits are HUGE and so worth it!

The good news is that practically any form of exercise can relieve stress. So, find something you enjoy – walking, bicycling, running, swimming, tennis – and spend a few minutes keeping that Christmas stress at bay! (I’ve read that for stress relief 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week is ideal.)

2. Relax

I know. I know. Who has time to relax?

But did you know when the body and the mind are relaxed at the same time, it is impossible for us to continue to be stressed? Like light and dark, the two cannot reside in the same place.

Pull away from your shopping frenzy to enjoy 15 minutes at your favorite local shop or bookstore. Enjoy an evening bubble bath. Warm yourself by a fire. Take a nap.

Difficult to believe, but our bodies can be taught to relax. All it takes is some “intentionality.”

3. Feed Your Soul

Biblical meditation is the most effective way to treat anxiety.

This Christmas season schedule in some time to meditate on Scripture. Spend some time filling your mind with God’s Word by reading it, writing it out by hand, memorizing it, singing it, praying it.

4. Fuel Your Body Wisely

Yes, there will be parties, cookies, and Christmas treats. Go ahead. Enjoy a little something now and again (unless there’s a medical diagnosis that keeps you from it).

But by all means, for the sake of your stress levels (and your weight), keep your indulgences to a minimum. Rather than continual binging on sweets and carbs, begin your day with a healthy breakfast and make choices that include lots of vegetables and other healthy options.

In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to prioritize our health and well-being. It’s crucial to practice social distancing, wear masks, and wash our hands regularly to prevent the spread of the virus. If you’re experiencing any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, it’s essential to get tested immediately. You can easily schedule a COVID test East Meadow or your local testing center and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe. Remember, taking care of your health is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones during the holidays and beyond.

5. Sleep

We were created for sleep. In fact, all of creation sleeps.

During the holidays especially, establish a sleep routine that includes a consistent bedtime and 8-9 hours of sleep.

6. Connect With Others

Loneliness increases stress levels.

This Christmas season live in connection. Volunteer at a local ministry or charity. Interact and share with others in ways that are meaningful.

“Staying connected is a balm for your heart, your stress level, and your health.”

U.S. News & World Report, February, 2009.

7. Try Kratom

Similarly, when combating stress, exploring effective strategies is essential. Just as fostering connections can alleviate feelings of loneliness, incorporating natural stress-relief methods like Kratom into your routine can provide an added layer of support. By tapping into its calming properties, Kratom Powder Canada offers a holistic approach to stress management, working in tandem with social interactions and meaningful engagements. Much like staying connected serves as a balm for the heart, integrating Kratom into your wellness regimen can act as a soothing agent for both your mental well-being and overall stress levels.

I don’t know about you, but this year I plan to set myself up to enjoy the season and my good health by making intentional choices that will help to manage the stress that can so easily deplete me.

Questions for Managing Holiday Stress

  • Where will you schedule in some exercise and relaxation?
  • How will you be sure to feed your soul and get your required amount of sleep?
  • What will be your eating plan?
  • When and in what way will you live in connection to others?

10 comments on “6 Healthy Ideas for Managing Holiday Stress

  1. Great post & very timely for all seasons Deborah!

    You’re most welcome to join me in a 15 minute relaxing time of tea & inspiration at Tea With Jennifer,
    Bless you,

  2. Great list. Resting during long productive times is something I struggle with. I get on the do and go bandwagon and don’t want to stop until I am done. I am learning to take breaks. Walk outside for a few minutes. Eat lunch and read something enjoyable. Stop for ten minutes and then return. Even looking out a window and taking some deep breathes. But I need to do it more.

  3. These are all such great tips. My biggest problem in this list is not so much interacting socially on a bigger scale, but in my own home. When I’m in “getting things done” mode, I tend to want to be left alone. But I need to remember to show love by being present and attentive rather than just doing things for them.

    • Wow, Barbara, you nailed one that’s also one of my biggest struggles. Designed by God as a “producer,” I can get so easily sucked into “get it done mode” and not see anything else – even my family! I’ve been working on setting up a trigger or two to help call my attention back. (Sometimes it works more effectively than others at this point!) Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing!

  4. This is great, Deborah! It’s so easy to let the businesses of the holiday season get us off track and out of our healthy routines. Thanks for these reminders!

    Tweeted & pinned.

    Thanks for linking up at instaEncouragements!

  5. Great words of wisdom. Okay so I am dong a few things on the list. I have committed to exercise a minimum of 3-4 days a week even though I don’t have the time. Reading God’s word – a definite yes. Relax now that is the hard one. I have not been intentional about this one. Thank you for your list and linking up with Grace & Truth Link-Up. Maree

  6. Great words of wisdom. Okay so I am dong a few things on the list. I have committed to exercise a minimum of 3-4 days a week even though I don’t have the time. Reading God’s word – a definite yes. Relax now that is the hard one. I have not been intentional about this one. Thank you for your list and linking up with Grace & Truth Link-Up. Maree

  7. Yes! Yes to all of this. I feel like I need a checklist with all of these things on it. Did you exercise? Check. Did you sleep? Check. Do you interact with positive people? Check. Thank you for this list!! I’m definitely going to put it to good use.

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