5 New (and FREE) Advent Resources

ADVENT – the season of waiting; a season of thoughtful reflection and repentance.



The Christian Calendar Year begins with the season of Advent — a thoughtful, reflective period; a time of important preparation.

Honestly, at times our lives can be so crazy that even the thought of adding something additional to our calendars can almost catapult us right over the edge — no matter how important we think it may be.  Often, in the name of sanity, we dismiss something because our minds cannot “go there!”

But this season — Advent — its observance in our lives, is so important.  So worth our efforts in trying to figure out how to “fit it in.”

So how, then?  How do we make time to observe Advent?

…without taking on more than we can handle?

We do it by prayerfully considering our schedules, examining our current season of life, and being realistic.

I don’t know many people who can “do it all” and do it well.  Don’t try!!!  Instead, make the informed choice to observe it in ways that fit your life — where you are, right now.

Maybe it will help you to begin here.

Below is a selection of FREE Resources already put together and ready to go.
  • Look them over.
  • Consider which one/s jump out at you.
  • Pray about which are the best fit for you and your family THIS year.
  • Choose only one, mix a little of this one with a little of that one, select a portion of just one to participate in this year.



Advent Scripture Challenge
A versatile Scripture Challenge focused on the hope, love, joy, and peace of Jesus coming to earth. This challenge can be used as a reading plan, a Scripture writing plan, a plan for engaging more deeply with God’s Word, or in any number of other ways.  Use it as it will best fit you and your family this Advent season.


Advent – Loving Acts of Kindness
Observe the season by loving on others — intentionally. A list of ideas for showering love on those you know and those you don’t.


Advent – 37 Ideas for Family Time
Sometimes we get so busy with all of the parties, programs, and projects of the season that family time gets squeezed out. Here are 37 ideas for intentionally bringing family together.


Advent – Praying through the Season
A prayer prompt guide for praying specifically each day of the Advent season.


Advent 2016 – Blank Calendar Template
A blank calendar template for the 2016 Advent season. Print out one. Print out several. These can be used for so many things:
1. Plan out your Loving Acts of Kindness.
2. Schedule your Family Time.
3. Journal your daily events.
4. Pair the template with Praying through the Season and use it as a Praying in Color template.
5. Use it in conjunction with your family’s daily Advent reading.
6. Come up with your own ideas!


The key is NOT to overwhelm yourselves or your families.  That would certainly go against all that this season is about — waiting and thoughtful reflection.


The key IS to choose those observances that will be meaningful to you and your family.

I pray one or more of these resources will be of help to you as you prepare your heart, and help to prepare the hearts of your family members, for this Christmas season!

Please take a minute to share with us which of the Advent Resources you will be using this year and how you intend to use them.  I’d love to hear from you.


soli deo gloria,



Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.  Advent can last anywhere from 22-28 days depending on the year.  For you big-time planners, Advent will last 28 days this year.

4 comments on “5 New (and FREE) Advent Resources

  1. I love the Advent prayers and suggestions. We raised our kids with the Advent centerpiece and now my daughter is doing the same because it made preparing for Christmas so special!

    • Mary, Don’t you just love to see meaningful traditions passed down to our future generations? Be sure to let me know if you are able to incorporate any of the prayers and suggestions into your observance this year! Blessings!!!

  2. It’s hard to believe it’s already the time of year to be preparing for Advent, but it is. All 5 of these resources sound good! Thanks for sharing, Deborah.

    • I know, Lisa. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving next Thursday!!! Where has the time gone?

      If you choose to implement any of the resources in any way, I would love to hear about your experience.

      Thank you for stopping by today! And blessings to you on your Advent preparations.

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