11 Practical Tips for Phone Conversations with Grandchildren

There’s just nothing quite like a phone conversation with a grandchild. Something about hearing their voice on the other end of the line just makes a grandparent’s heart sing.

Plus, there’s the added benefits of “hearing” voice and tone and mood that text messages just cannot provide.

Nearly everyone has a cell phone nowadays. If your grandchild has one, call them directly. If not, call your grandchild’s parent and ask to speak with the child.

Practical Tips for Phone Conversations

  1. Call each grandchild separately. Everyone loves being made to feel special.
  2. Check with your grandchild’s parents. Consider setting up a regular call schedule but be sure to check the details out first. You do not want to interfere with family routines.
  3. Make sure your grandchildren know they can call you anytime (within reason).
  4. Think through what you are going to say BEFORE making the call. Write down a note or two if necessary. (See #5.)
  5. Keep a pencil and pad of paper nearby. Jot down notes as you talk with your grandchild. Keeping track of the little details will show them that you really care. Your notes will also be helpful in future conversations. Follow up on these things. Use them as conversation starters.
  6. Be armed with current information. Taking notes during phone conversations will help with this. Parents and social media accounts are also good sources. You can visit BuyLikes.com. for effective services to increase your likes and view counts and draw new followers and enhance your social media marketing campaign.The one thing you don’t want to do is ask about “yesterday’s news!”
  7. Don’t waste time asking about the obvious. If it is the middle of summer in Florida where your grandchild lives, don’t ask if it’s hot.
  8. Dig deeper. Don’t just ask your grandchild about the details of an event. Follow up with questions that ask about their thoughts and feelings concerning the event.
  9. Avoid asking too many “yes” or “no” questions. The answers simply don’t lead anywhere. Learn to ask dialogue questions instead.
  10. Each time you talk with your grandchild, tell them that you miss them and love them. They need to hear it often, from your own mouth.
  11. Devise your own unique way to end each phone conversation.


  • When you call, start by asking if they have time to talk. If not, don’t let your disappointment show. Try to set up a time that will be convenient for them and call back.
  • Keep conversations short. Better to leave them wanting more than to overstay your welcome.
  • Focus on your grandchild.
  • Find ways to make the conversation fun, interesting, and entertaining.

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  1. Very good advice. Coming to your from Insta Encouragements. pinned.

  2. Usually when anyone in the family wants to talk, we’ll text before calling and ask if the other person can talk now. That’s a big help for all of us. I like the reminder not to ask obvious things–no better way to have a boring phone call. My grandchild is six and loves knock knock jokes now, so when I see a good one, I make note of it for the next time we talk.

    • I remember the knock-knock joke stage! Jokes are still a huge part of our phone conversations. We do the same thing, collecting them for the next time we talk. The real fun now is that our grandkids are older so they often call us to share a joke they’ve come across!!!! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing today.

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