Bringing Bible Accounts Alive for Young Children

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Deborah Haddix


When’s the last time you saw a photo of a family gathered for family devotions that looked anything like yours? Typically, the photo captures a father reading from the Bible while every family member, no matter their age, sits quietly and attentively, with their eyes on him. One glimpse of the photo, and you laugh, maybe even sneer. You decide that you must be doing something wrong because your attempts at family devotions look nothing like this photo. In fact, when you gather the family and open the Bible, it’s certain that one child’s eyes will glaze over as soon as you begin to read. Another will entertain himself by annoying a sibling. And one will have every reason in the world to leave the room.

In this workshop, Deborah Haddix will share some fun and practical ideas for helping to bring the Bible alive for young children. While she can’t guarantee that your family devotions will ever look like those picture-perfect photos, it is her prayer that some of these ideas will help to change the look of yours.

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