Digging Deeper:  Engaging with the Word of God


Digging Deeper is a course designed for the purpose of helping participants discover a multitude of ways for engaging with the Word of God.


Seven lessons — each one:
  • designed to benefit all learners — from spiritual babe to the spiritually mature.
  • tailored to meet the needs of learners with various learning styles through the incorporation of audio, visual, and tactile components.
  • planned with the purpose of providing great opportunity for the participant to dig into God’s Word using a wide assortment of study methods.
Come discover and practice a collection of ways for Digging Deeper into the Word of God.


Dig Deeper:
  • Learn how to study the Bible on your own.
  • Breathe some new life into your Bible study time.
  • Discover new methods for engaging in God’s Word.
  • Intentionally set aside some specific time for observing, examining, annotating, and reflecting upon God’s Word.


(Some of the methods explored in this course are S.O.A.P., Journible, and Verse Mapping.)

Digging Deeper:  Engaging with the Word of God is currently being offered in two formats.

One option choice is INDEPENDENT SELF-STUDY.  The other is a GROUP EXPERIENCE.
Please read the descriptions below and choose the format you prefer.


In this option, participants may access the seven lessons via password protected pages on our website, deborahhaddix.com, or choose to download the lessons as PDFs.


Work through the lessons at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Digging Deeper Title Page


Independent Self-Study of Digging Deeper





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(After purchase of the course, you will be redirected to the Digging Deeper Activation Page where you will obtain the login password and have access to the PDF download links.)



Registration for the fall ONLINE GROUP is now closed.

This option contains all of the content from the seven lessons in the Independent self-study.  However, participants in the Online Course will work through the lessons in a “private” Facebook Group setting.


Engaging in the online option provides a wonderful opportunity to learn in community.  Ask questions, share discoveries, and receive feedback and encouragement — all while meeting new friends.  The ONLINE OPTION is also “time-bound” which might be a benefit to those who struggle with getting things done.


As a member of the ONLINE CLASS, participants will:
  • Receive a new lesson each Monday.
  • Complete the lesson activities and reading on their own time schedule sometime during the week.
  • Complete the week’s assignment prior to receiving the next week’s lesson.
  • Interact with other class participants via the “private” Facebook group.  (This may include but is not limited to: sharing thoughts and reflections, asking questions, answering questions, encouraging others.)  This class is most beneficial to all when there is thoughtful interaction.  We ask that you post at least two times each week.
There will also be at least 2 opportunities during the time-frame of the course, for participants to take part in a GROUP CALL.  (These dates to be determined after the group is formed.)


Check back for details on the next offering of the Online Course Option.


ONLINE COURSE OPTION                          $20.00