A Grandparent’s ABCs


By now you know how much I enjoy the ABCs. Working through the alphabet from A through Z is a favorite way to pray, journal, think, and organize thoughts. I’m also sure it’s a wonderful tool for many, many more things I haven’t yet discovered!
This week as we approach the beginning of the 30-Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents (Saturday, August 11th) and look forward to Grandparents’ Day of Prayer (Sunday, September 9th), I want to share A Grandparent’s ABCs with you.


A Grandparent’s ABCs

A – appreciate them

B – bless them

C – connect with them

D – disciple them

E – encourage them and enjoy them

F – fix your post in the ground for them

G – grow right along with them

H – hazard the unknown with them

I – invest in them

J – journey with them

K – know them

L – leave a legacy through stories and traditions for them

M – model daily life for them

N – nourish them: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually

O – open your heart, your wallet, your schedule to them

P – pray for them

Q – quit letting the minutes and hours pass by – call them, schedule some time with them

R – read to them

S – spend time with them

T – teach them

U – unearth their gifts and talents with them

V – value them

W – whoop it up with them

X – eXude the very love of God, for them

Y – yearn for them to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior

Z – zap those feelings for comfort and convenience – do the work – for them

Click to download a PDF version of A Grandparent’s ABCs.

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  1. The greatest for me is to see them walking with Jesus in that right relationship! Though we can guide, live & direct them to Him, they each need to find Him in a deeply personal solid relationship otherwise the world is too attractive.
    Forever praying for my 10 grandchildren.

    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cuppa,

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