Connect:  5 Tips for Biblical Grandparenting


Biblical grandparenting requires that we make the effort to connect with our grandchildren.
Connection is all about building relationship. The spiritual practice of connection helps generate discussion, creates spiritual dialogue, and enables us to better understand what our grandchild believes. In other words, it builds relationship.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”pbfed” via=”yes” ]Grandparents have been given a God-ordained role in the church and home that is not interchangeable with any other members.[/ctt]


There are many, many simple ways to connect with your grandchild – make phone calls, FaceTime, send “real” mail, talk.
Connection doesn’t require much money.  It does, however, require your time and effort.


TIPS for CONNECTING with Your Grandchild

1. Follow through…

On your commitment to biblical grandparenting.

On commitments you make to your grandchild.

Our grandchildren are watching us, and nothing says, “I love you,” louder than our follow-through.  In a culture where promise and commitment mean very little, model Jesus.

2. Earn the right to be turned to and trusted.

Our grandchildren need adults they can talk to without fear of being belittled or judged.  As difficult as it may be, learn to zip your lips (even when it comes to hair style, clothing, piercings, and tattoos), pray like mad, and listen, truly listen.

3. STOP, whatever you are doing and LISTEN!

Turn off the television, put down the cell phone, mute the ballgame, walk away from the dirty dishes in the sink.  Turn toward your grandchild and make eye contact whenever he/she wants to talk to you.

4. Ask “dialogue” questions.

Anyone can ask “yes” or “no” questions, but the answers don’t lead anywhere.  Get to know your grandchildren and build deeper relationships with them by using great “dialogue” questions.

5. Smile.

It’s very difficult to connect with an old, sour puss.  Our grandchildren need smiles from us.


[ctt template=”2″ link=”bkAfg” via=”yes” ]A grandparent’s responsibility is to pass on a heritage of faith to future generations.[/ctt]


A strong relationship between you and your grandchild is foundational to the carrying out of your role and to your grandchild’s decision to receive the heritage of faith.

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Dialogue Questions to ask your grandchildren.

5 comments on “Connect:  5 Tips for Biblical Grandparenting

  1. Deborah, these are such important truths. Grandparents can make such a difference in children’s lives when we slow down, pray, and focus on the heart (not the green hair and tattoos LOL).

  2. Amen! I completely agree! We moved across the state last year to be closer to our grandson and daughter. Praying to listen so I will be someone he wants to talk to!

    • I’m sure he will, Deb. You are a fabulous listener! Wish I could be near all of my grandchildren, but that’s certainly not possible geographically (at least for now). Some in New York. Some in Indiana. Some here.

  3. Deborah, thank you!
    These are words and actions close to my heart!

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