10 Tools for Praying for Your Grandchildren


Quick quiz.  Read through the following list of tools and name the job for which it is intended:

Lawn Mower
Seam Ripper
Kabob Skewer
Pipe Cutters
Pastry Brush


Whether the task is one of baking, gardening, plumbing, sewing, or construction, the fact is — using the right tool is the first step toward getting the job done well.

It is the same for prayer.  The right tools make all the difference.  Here are some tools I find to be indispensable for the job.

10 Tools for Praying for Your Grandchildren


Use a calendar to schedule prayer.  Begin by examining your daily routine to determine the best day and even time of day for your prayers.  Then get it on your calendar.  To help with consistency, consider designating one day per week or month to pray for each grandchild.

Set the alarm on your phone as prayer reminders.


Up the likelihood that you will follow-through on your commitment to pray by telling someone about it (and giving them permission to ask you how it’s going).  Here are three different ways to set up some accountability: (1) TELL your grandchildren that you are praying for them, (2) SHARE your commitment to praying for your grandchildren with another adult, and (3) GATHER a group of friends together and form a “grandparent” prayer group.

Text Messaging.

Not sure about the needs of your grandchildren?  Ask!  Sending a quick text, “How may I pray for you today?” will provide much insight into their prayer needs.


Are your grandchildren too young for text messaging?  Text their parents.  Involve another generation.

Pencil and Paper.

Whenever you talk to your grandchildren, whether it’s by phone, social media, or in person, LISTEN.  What are you learning about them?  About their life?  As soon as you are able, grab your pencil and paper.  Make note of the things you heard; things you can pray for.

Prayer Resource Sheets.

Do you struggle with a wandering mind during your prayers?  Ever at a loss for just what to pray?  Prayer Resource Sheets help with focus and specifics.  Lillian Penner at Grandparenting with a Purpose has a good one, Scriptures to Pray for Children and Grandchildren.  Download it here.


You simply cannot go wrong or wonder what to pray when you pray Scripture.  If you have never prayed Scripture for your grandchildren, here are a couple of suggestions for getting started:

  • Number 6:22-27
  • Ephesians 1:15-23
  • Ephesians 3:14-21
  • Philippians 1:9-11
Prayer Journals. 

Just as there is a wide variety of hammers (claw, sledge, ball-peen, bush, brick, body mechanic’s, welder’s, drywall, tack, etc.), there is a wide variety of prayer journals.  Picture prayer journals, legacy prayer journals, and Praying in Color for Your Grandchildren are just three types.  Each of these was shared in last week’s post. See 9 Creative Ways to Pray for Your Grandchildren if you would like more detail.

Not only is the variety wide, the benefits of keeping a prayer journal are many:  heightened focus and retention, deepened relationship with your grandchildren, recorded specifics for which to pray, increased intimacy with God, and more.

Snail Mail Notes.

Light up your grandchild’s face (no matter their age) by mailing little notes to them that tell of your prayers.

Praying with Purpose 30 – Day Prayer Challenge for Grandparents.

30-days of focused prayer for your grandchildren.  This tool comes with a FREE Challenge booklet;  The downloadable booklet  contains 30 prayer prompts along with several ideas and suggestions for engaging in this period of intentional and specific prayer.  Take the Challenge anytime, alone or with a friend.  If, however, you’d like to take it with a larger group, a corporate session is scheduled to begin on Saturday, August 11, 2018.  We’d love to have you join us!  The 30-Day Challenge will be made available through a private Facebook group and  will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other praying grandparents while receiving and offering support and encouragement.  If you’d like to join in for the next session, simply click the link and request to join.

Christian Grandparenting Network is issuing a call for grandparents around the world to unite in prayer on behalf of their grandchildren on Grandparents’ Day of Prayer (September 9, 2018).

To learn more visit:  Grandparents’ Day of Prayer