By Design CAMPS


Deborah is the founder of By Design CAMPS.

CAMPS provide an opportunity for you to experience the workshops which are offered through scheduled women’s events.  CAMPS can be held in homes, recreation centers, churches, or other venues.  Just like our workshops, CAMPS can be customized to fit your need.

Designed for community, they are a great place to connect with other women, share ideas, and enjoy new experiences.

Contact Deborah to learn more or to schedule your By Design CAMP.

I do want to share with you the good impact the journal is making for me and my family!  [The prayer journal I started while at Designed for Prayer Camp] is having a bonding effect from [my family members] toward me that hasn’t existed before. WHY didn’t I ever think of this before???    –Dorothy

One month later, an update…I have received prayer requests from my 4th and 6th great-grandsons “that their hunger for reading the Word will grow.”    –Dorothy

Designed for Prayer CAMP

Stalled in your prayer life?  Prayers feel mechanical?  Looking for creative ways to pray?  The workshops in the Designed for Prayer CAMP were developed with the goal of helping you breathe fresh air into your prayer life.

CAMP Offerings:  Praying in Color ~ Creating Prayer Journals ~ Scripture Prayer

What a great idea — to have grandmothers come together for a few hours and share their joys and struggles with other sweet ladies, in such a fun way. If you want to learn the “how tos” of helping to equip your grandchildren to “stand firm in the faith” I strongly encourage you to attend a “camp.” You will come away with fresh ideas about praying for your little ones.    –Barb

Designed for Journaling CAMP

The benefits of journaling are many.  AND when journaling is done in concert with any of the other spiritual disciplines, benefits are greatly increased.  Reap the benefits.  Spend an afternoon learning a variety of ways to incorporate journaling into your Spiritual practices.

CAMP Offerings:  Illustrated Bible Journaling ~ Journibles ~ Praying in Color ~ Squish-it Journals ~ Creating Prayer Journals ~ Journal Challenge ~ Journaling the Bible ~ Basic Lettering and Doodling


Designed for Soul Nourishment CAMP

[The soul:] “The coolest, eeriest, most mysterious, evocative, crucial, sacred, eternal, life-directing, fragile, indestructible, controversial, expensive dimension of your existence.” –John Ortberg

— Yet we as women are often so guilty of neglecting the care of our soul.  Designed for Soul Nourishment CAMP offers several opportunities to “come away” and nourish your soul.

CAMP Offerings:  Praying in Color ~ Lectio Divina ~ Illustrated Bible Journaling ~ Journibles ~ Journaling the Bible ~ Creating Prayer Journals ~ A Season of Solitude ~ In Christ ~ Soul Health Check-up ~ Vocabulary of Praise ~ Spiritual Markers ~ A Love Letter to God ~ Evidences of Grace


Designed for Better CAMP (Stress Recovery & Cures) 

A CAMP for the stressed-out woman!  Come enjoy an afternoon of stress relief.  BONUS:  You’ll leave with techniques you can implement at home!!


CAMP Offerings:  Praying in Color ~ Lectio Divina ~ Autogenic Training ~ Learning to Breathe Deeply ~ A Season of Solitude


Designed for Marriage CAMP

A celebration of our husbands and our marriages.

CAMP Offerings:  Praying in Color ~ Love Letters ~ Evidences of Grace ~ “Love” Communicators ~ Appreciation Apprentices


Designed for Praise CAMP

Who did I magnify this week?

A CAMP designed to help us turn our focus to the only ONE who is worthy to be magnified.

CAMP Offerings:  Praying in Color ~ Alphabet Attributes ~ Love Letter to My God ~ I am LOVED ~ Soul Satisfaction ~ In Christ