Christian Calendar Planning Form                                


Christian Calendar Planning Form.  Use this form to plan your observance of the seasons of the Christian Calendar year.

Click here to download the free PDF.






Christian Calendar Plan Form



Christian Calendar Plan Form.  A brief description of the Christian Calendar along with suggestions for ways to observe the seasons.

Click here for a PDF download version of the Plan Form.








The Christian Calendar Year Cheat Sheet.  Want to celebrate the Christian Calendar but a bit overwhelmed by all the information and details? This cheat sheet might be the way to start.








Advent Scripture Challenge

Prepare your heart for the Christmas season by immersing yourself in Scriptures of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.

Download a free PDF here.







Advent – Praying Through the Season

Use this guide to help you pray specifically each day of the Advent season.

A free PDF is available here.









Advent Loving Acts of Kindness

A 2-page resource full of ideas for spreading kindness during Advent or anytime of the year.









Advent – 37 Ideas for Family Time

Don’t allow Family time to get squeezed out by all of the activity of the season.  A resource packed with ideas for spending time together as a family.

Download your Family Time resource here.






Advent 2016 Blank Calendar Template

There are so many uses for this resource.

  • Use it with the Advent Praying Through the Season resource and record your prayers.
  • Journal your Advent Acts of Kindness.
  • Schedule/record your Family Time activities.
  • Create your own.







Names of Jesus Scripture Challenge

30 days of Scripture to help you focus on Jesus during the Christmas season.  Use it as a reading plan, Scripture writing plan, or as a help for digging deeper into God’s Word.






30 Christmas Traditions for Your Family

A list of 30 Christmas Tradition ideas.  Is it time to reassess your family’s traditions?









Ideas for Loving on Your Spouse

Christmas can be such a busy time, especially for women, and it’s often those who are closest to us that tend to feel neglected or overlooked. In this resource you will find a few ideas for making sure your husband feels loved and appreciated even through the busiest of seasons.







Christmas Journaling Prompts

For the journaler, the reflector, the processor of thoughts – 31 journaling prompts to aid in the recording of and reflecting upon of this Christmas season.