Choosing Your Journal


Choosing Your Journal

Have a desire to begin a prayer journal but just cannot decide what type of journal to choose?  This one-sheet resource contains some helpful information to assist you in making that big decision.

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Prayer Journal Types


Prayer Journal Types (Highlights)

There are so many ways to keep a prayer journal for your grandchildren and/or children.  This sheet highlights the major attributes of several types of prayer journals.

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JOURNALING from Soul Nourishment

From the book, Soul Nourishment: Satisfying our Deep Longing for God.  Much of the Information and many of the resources specific to JOURNALING have been pulled from the book and placed into this little booklet.



Scripture Journaling Workbook


Scripture Journaling Workbook

Learn to engage with God’s Word through the practice of Scripture Journaling.  This workbook includes some basic how-to along with creative lettering and doodling practice.

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