Journaling for the Soul: Slow Down, Replenish, Exhale

A Handbook of Methods


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How inspiring and honoring to each individual! How absolutely wonderfully “GOD!!” The permission to explore ourselves in relation to our creator is powerful! Journaling for the Soul honors how we are wired uniquely to commune with our Lord. Deborah points the way to HIM with wonderfully varied means. Beautifully done.          

 –Roberta Vinyard

Something is missing. Something important and necessary to the very health of our soul. The busyness of life has made its migration into the depths of our being, squeezing God out. Our soul aches as it cries out for time with Him, but in the noise it is not heard. Journaling for the Soul helps eliminate the hurry, brings quiet for hearing, and creates much needed space for meeting with God.


The wide variety of journaling methods in this handbook provide something for everyone in need of soul care. There are techniques for journaling prayers, Scripture, self-reflection, and more. Some methods fit the traditional definition of journaling, some call out to the person seeking something a little different, and still others are just plain quirky. But no matter the method, Journaling for the Soul invites us to slow down, replenish, and exhale.

Advanced Praise for Journaling for the Soul

 If you think that journaling is just sitting down and writing out dense pages of prose in a notebook, read on! Yes, there is a notebook involved, but Deborah Haddix offers a resplendent banquet of ways to use it to communicate with God. Journaling for the Soul offers a personalized meal for everyone or maybe many meals for everyone. When I finished reading her book, I wanted to grab my notebook and try out several of the offerings I had never heard of before: Cliff Notes, Daily Dot Points, and the quirkily-named Squish-It Prayer Journaling.

Sybil MacBeth
Author, Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God


Who knew the pathway to going deeper could be so fun?

Journaling for the Soul is another valuable resource for the spiritually hungry.  Deborah begins with a beautifully written introduction to the reader showing the ways journaling can help us lean into God’s loving presence and tend to our souls.  Next, she offers a treasure trove of ideas for journaling.  There is something for everyone.  This book makes it all accessible – breaking each method down, listing materials, steps and suggestions.

Susan Borgstrom, MA, BCCC
Director, Awakening in Nature & Certified Christian Life Coach


If you have ever wondered what all the excitement is about journaling – here is your answer!  Journaling for the Soul is an absolute treasure of not only “Why” but “How To” journal! Packed full of ideas for the artists and the list-makers, the in-depth Bible students and the beginners.  Warning – you will likely develop an addiction to journaling once you try some of these techniques!

Lisa W. Smith, Bible study leader
Author of Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird
and releasing in 2017, The Wisdom Tree

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