PLAY: It Isn’t Just for Children


REST is important.  Things like sleeping, napping, observing a Sabbath, even simply closing our eyes for a few moments or going for a walk.


But what about PLAY?

PLAY - exercise or activity for amusement or recreation


An often overlooked part of our WORK/LEISURE rhythm, PLAY is also important — for children and adults, alike.


The Benefits of PLAY for Children

According to experts Fisher Price, Voice of Play, and Baby Center, play builds a child’s imagination, aids in the development of cognitive skills, promotes social skills, advances physical development, and helps children work through their emotions.  Their language is developed through play as well as their concentration and self-confidence.  In other words, children develop who they are through play.


The Benefits of  PLAY for Adults

When we become adults, for one reason or another, we often abandon PLAY.  Our excuses?  “I’m too busy.”  “PLAY is for children.”  “I’m too old.”

“Play is something done for its own sake.  It’s voluntary, it’s pleasurable, it offers a sense of engagement, it takes you out of time.  And the act itself is more important than the outcome.”  Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play.

PLAY isn’t just for children.  It is also essential for adults.

Among its many benefits are stress relief, sharpened brain function, enhanced creativity, and improved relationships.  PLAY helps adults retain a feeling of youth and energy, helps develop and improve social skills, strengthens problem-solving abilities, teaches cooperation, and leads to emotional well-being.

On the flip-side, an adult who chooses NOT to PLAY is one whose JOY TANK is lacking.  This adult tends to view life as a labor and isn’t much fun to be around.



Don’t forget to PLAY!

In your work/leisure rhythm, remember that the leisure component consists of both rest and PLAY.



Enjoying “PLAY time” with some of our kids and grandkids –

video games, bowling, ropes, and LOTS of laser tag!



How will you PLAY in 2018?


2 comments on “PLAY: It Isn’t Just for Children

  1. My kids love it when I grab a spatula and break into song or something else equally silly. And I find myself laughing along with them. Laughter is a good relief for stress. I can see how they all connect. Have a great week!!

    • Kelly, My kids always enjoyed those crazy things, too, and now my grandkids do! Once in a while, we even go all out and celebrate SILLY Day together — crazy hair, clothing, mixing up meals, dancing competitions to silly songs. It always winds up being a day filled with fun, play, and laughter!!!!

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