Journaling for the Soul: A Podcast Interview


Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by my friend, Barb Raveling, for her Christian Habits Podcast.  Barb is the author of Taste for Truth: A 30 Day Weight Loss Bible Study and The Renewing of the Mind Project.  She also very generously granted permission for her Truth Journaling Method to be included in Journaling for the Soul: Slow Down, Replenish, Exhale [A Handbook of Methods].


As you listen to the interview, you will hear a discussion of some of the journaling methods included in Journaling for the Soul.  Methods that can help draw us closer to God as we use them to study Scripture, pray, and even do a little soul-searching.  You will also come away with a few tips on how to develop a journaling habit.


The podcast can now be accessed on Barb’s blog, Barb Raveling – Tips, Tools, and Bible Studies to Renew Your Mind.  While you’re there be sure to browse around and check out all her wonderful articles and resources.


Click the link below to access the podcast via Barb’s blog:

Journaling for the Soul: Methods and Tips with Deborah Haddix Podcast