Journal for the Soul: Slow Down, Replenish, Exhale


The soul is our ULTIMATE CONCERN –
       For, of all the aspects of us (the will, mind, body, and soul), it is the soul that we will take into eternity.


Yet, it is the soul that we most often leave unattended.  Hidden in the deepest part of us, invisible, and ignored by our current culture, we can forget to pay attention, even forget that our soul exists.



The care of our soul is up to us.  It is our responsibility, and ours alone to meet its needs.


The soul is needy.  Among its needs are the needs to SLOW DOWN, REPLENISH, and EXHALE.


How do you go about meeting these crucial soul needs?  Do you pray, go for a lingering stroll, spend time with friends, or maybe even take a restful nap?
One of my favorite ways to care for my soul is through journaling.



  • Journaling is Biblical.  From the beginning, our spiritual history has rested on God’s written word.  God spoke.  And, man wrote.  I haven’t actually taken the time to count it myself, but I’ve heard that the words, “Write this,” “Write down,” or “Write,” appear approximately 166 times in the Bible.
  • The discipline of journaling helps focus my easily distracted mind.
  • The act of journaling combines body movement with the musing of my mind.
  • It is a place to meet with God.  The One who loves me lavishly, gave His Only Son for me, and wants to be with me.
  • Journaling helps me build an authentic relationship with Him.
  • It’s a way to record my life and leave a legacy for those I love.
  • This spiritual discipline helps me practice letting go of unnecessary standards of perfection and focus on God instead.
  • Journaling forces me to SLOW DOWN.  Helps me to REPLENISH.  And enables the EXHALE.
  • It allows my soul to BREATHE.

Is your soul in need of some intentional care?  Have you been begrudging or possibly even denying your critical line?
If your answer is, “Yes,” I invite you to uncover ways to SLOW DOWN, REPLENISH, and EXHALE through a fun little thing called JOURNALING FOR THE SOUL.


Our newest resource (releasing today), Journaling for the Soul: Slow Down, Replenish, Exhale [A Handbook of Methods], is packed with a wide variety of journaling techniques.  This easy-to-use handbook provides something for everyone in need of soul care. In its pages methods can be found for journaling prayers, Scripture, self-reflection, and more. Some of the methods fit the traditional definition of journaling, some call out to the person seeking something a little different, and still others are just plain quirky. But no matter the method, Journaling for the Soul invites the reader to SLOW DOWN, REPLENISH, and EXHALE.
Order your copy today at


2 comments on “Journal for the Soul: Slow Down, Replenish, Exhale

  1. Debra, a much needed resource! I’ve let other things get in the way of journaling the past few months. It’s a shame when I don’t write down the things God is doing in my life. When they are written down, we have a page full of powerful reminders to fall back on in tough times. Thank you for this book that will help equip us in our journaling journeys! I’ve shared this post in several places!

    • Leslie, I agree wholeheartedly with you, “When they are written down, we have a page full of powerful reminders to fall back on in tough times.” Thank you for your encouragement and support… and for sharing!!

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