We have a WINNER!!!!!!


The journaling Bible goes to Elissa! Her visit to our Deborah Haddix Life Coaching Facebook page on January 26th at 11:45 am was the winning entry.
Elissa has been contacted via email. As soon as we receive a mailing address for the Bible, it will be sent out.
CONGRATULATIONS, Elissa! Can’t wait to hear about your Bible journaling adventures!!
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us celebrate some milestones!

2 comments on “We have a WINNER!!!!!!

  1. Was that for facebook or for both the websites

    • There was one giveaway for a journaling Bible. The giveaway was run through Rafflecopter and the entry form was accessible through both our website and our Facebook page. There were several ways to submit entries once the entry form had been accessed.

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