How to Build Relationships

Observations from a self-confessed people- watcher:

  • Students in the classrooms where I am a guest teacher spend the majority of their class time in from of a computer screen.
  • During free time, students sit alone with their electronic devices.
  • While multiple generations of a family sit together in a restaurant, the grandchildren and often the children (parents) are on their phones or playing video games individually.
  • A husband and wife sit in the same room instant messaging each other.
  • Many of the people I “observe” are spending much time talking to one another let alone interacting with each other.
  • People-watching isn’t as much fun as it used to be!
  • God, Himself, exists in relationship (Father/Son/Holy Spirit)
  • God created us for relationship.
  • It is in relationship that we grow to become more like Jesus.

As we enter the summer months of warm weather, long days, and no school for our children (at least here in the Midwest, maybe it’s a great time for intentionally setting about to change our 21st Century habits.  Why not begin with one or more of the following?

How to Build RelationshipsRelationships

1.  Turn off your TV/Shut down your computer/Put aside your phone

2.  Leave your house

3.  Look up

4.  Greet people

5.  Sit on your stoop

6.  Play together

7.  Share what you have

8.  Have pot lucks

9.  Dance in the street

10.  Help carry something heavy

11.  Barter for your goods

12.  Ask a question

13.  Hire young people for odd jobs

14.  Turn up the music

15.  Share your skills

16.  Buy from local merchants

17.  Know your neighbors

18.  Read stories together

19.  Open your shades

20.  Ask for help when you need it

21.  Bake extra and share

22.  Listen

23.  Fix it even if you didn’t break it

24.  Go for a walk

25.  Start a tradition