Fun Things Grandparents Can Teach Their Grandchildren

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought this might be a good time to share some fun ideas for grandparents and grandchildren. For many grandparents the holidays provide a rare opportunity to spend face time with grandchildren who live far away. Don’t allow this special time to be wasted. Grab a few ideas and some grandchildren and make the most of this time.
1. Teach your grandchild to whistle – Every child should be able to whistle. If you know how, teach him/her to use their fingers for a louder whistle. This is one thing my son begged my own father to teach him when he was young, and it’s now one of my son’s favorite memories of his grandfather.
2. Play hide-and-seek – Young children sometimes get confused about the whole counting and hiding their eyes thing, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun. Just get out there and play!
3. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk – Even in the days of ipads and computers, there’s still something about sitting on the ground and drawing with chalk. Or grab that piece of chalk and draw out a hopscotch game. Children get caught up in drawing and hopping, and both activities provide opportunities for the two of you to talk.
4. Play jacks or shuffle cards – If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activity, play inside. Jacks are a great game for working on coordination, and there’s nothing cooler to a kid than knowing how to shuffle cards. Amaze your grandchildren with your skills and then teach them.
5. Write a thank-you note – Thank-you notes have all but gone out of style. With our busy schedules and increased access to technology very few thank-you notes get written. It is easy to teach children how to write a note. Teach them this new-to-them skill and at the same time teach them that the thank-you is important.
6. Set the table –Children love to set the table especially if you use two forks! Get out the fancy china and all the accessories. Teach your grandchildren how to set a proper table and to use the correct utensils. Whether you are setting the table for a family holiday dinner or just eating sandwiches, grab some fancy napkins and have fun while the children are learning. For even more fun, let the children decorate the table, too.
7. Make a glass sing – While you are sitting at that well-dressed table eating dinner, trace the rim of a drinking glass with a wet finger and hear it sing. This is a great little thing to teach your grandchildren just before their parents take them somewhere nice for dinner!
There are so many fun ways to spend time with your grandchildren. The important thing is to be intentional about your time together. Whatever you choose to do, the important things are that you are together and talking. Unplug and get to know each other!

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  1. Debbie, this is so great. My grandson is a little too small to do any of this yet but I plan on all of those! I love the ideas about Thank you notes (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) and setting the table. Etiquette is an all but forgotten skill!

    Thank you for putting this out there! (See, our Mom’s and Grandmother’s taught us right!)

    Vivian (Wright) Freppon

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